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Okay, I have a bit of a budget ($1400). And I don't know what to buy.

I want the iPhone 4, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro.
I already have an iPhone 3GS and access to my dad's MacBook.

iPhone 4 ($500) - can't because my parents say it's a "waste of money"
iPad ($829) - I would wait until they release a 2nd gen
MacBook Pro 13" ($1199) - don't know how much I NEED one.

I can also keep saving.. or y'all can suggest something.


iOS 4
  • JasonFear Level 5 (4,935 points)
    Hi Travis,

    How are you prioritizing your decision process?

    The iPhone 4 doesn't need to be $500, if you're paying that much for one it's because you're trying to get out of your contract early and are currently not eligible for the subsidized price. If you can 'wait' then you can save yourself about $300 right there. The iPad price you listed is for the 64GB Wi-Fi/3G model. Do you really need all that storage, all the time? Especially with a laptop? It seems unlikely that you'd be away from a computer that long where you'd need the extra ~45GB of storage. Drop the capacity a bit and you could save $100 to $200 right there.

    So with some patience and some accommodation you can save almost $500 and still get all three products.