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  • seamuskrat Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X
    I am having similar issues. IP4, connected to a 2009 Toyota Bluetooth system. Worked flawlessly with my 3G.

    I have erased all settings, rebooted phone, tried every way of pairing. Phone is always in a plastic holder 3 inches from stero or in cup holder. Result, static for the other end. No one can hear me and my calls get s garbeled and fade in and out. I hear just fine.

    My 1G and 3G all work great, but not the iPhone 4.

    I have not yet contacted Apple. I keep hoping I will find a solution on these boards.
  • necronym Level 4 Level 4
    I've paired to a Nissan based built in entertainment/Bluetooth system and to the Alpine system in my Brabus without issue. I haven't tried a Bluetooth headset, but a friend has an iPhone 4 who pairs it with a Jabra something or other model, the connection is constant, but he says the sound quality on calls is bad: the person calling sounds muffled: I wonder if the muffled sound is to do with the noise cancellation on the iPhone 4 either making the call or receiving the call via Bluetooth headset (although the calls I've made on the car based systems, the caller sounds fine to me and nobody has complained that I sound muffled to them).

    Hmmmm further investigation required methinks
  • tulsabd Level 1 Level 1
    I had this issue on my 3GS, after scouring the net for months for any info on it I could find I finally took it back to the Apple store. Dude looked at me funny and said how long have you been putting up with this, then handed me a new phone saying my old one had a bad antenna.
  • Irving Gonzales Level 1 Level 1
    I am having bluetooth reception issues whereby those who speak with hear a muffled voice, although I hear them well. I also get the seemingly random Bluetooth drops, and get reconnected within 30 seconds, exactly. I believe I may have isolated a probable effect. First, the constants:

    iPhone 4: 32GB, black with Bluetooth and WiFi on; using Plantronics Voyager PRO with BT version 2.1 (this headset is the same in use with my iPhone 3G [S] prior to and after updating to iOS4; no problems noticed with OS3 or 4; latter OS used during 1 week prior to upgrading to iPhone 4, can't recall any complaints from callers)

    Home (Alameda, CA): 2.4GHz TimeCapsule for WiFi supplemented by AirPort Express, both with (802.11n)

    Office (San Francisco, CA): Dual Band TimeCapsule for WiFi supplemented by AirPort Express with (802.11n)

    Car: No added features

    Symptoms: When at home or at the office, calls coming in or out generally reported to me as being muffled. When outside walking or driving in the car, with or without windows and/or sunroof open, no reported voice clarity issues by those with whom I am speaking using my Voyager PRO. No voice clarity issues without the Bluetooth, everything is fine in terms of call clarity, no call drops, no problems with proximity sensor. It does not matter whether WiFi is on or not. No problems or differences in clarity either way. Good to go outside and away from WiFi hotspot.

    Discovery: When I turn off WiFi on the iPhone 4 at home or in the office, muffled voice issue goes away within 30 seconds (typical polling period). When I turn on the iPhone 4's WiFi, the muffled voice issue returns within 30 seconds. I even receive an audible signal on my headset! Leaving it on, I will walk out of the house (or the office) and within 30-60 seconds, the reported muffled voice issue goes away.

    Conclusion: there appears to be some conflict between the Bluetooth and WiFi when in the range of a WiFi device serving up an Internet connection. Not sure if it is due to the antennas in the iPhone, or if it software related, or both.

    I sincerely hope that this repeatable troubleshooting report helps in some way to resolve the issue that many of us are reporting.
  • Terry White3 Level 1 Level 1
    Wow! I thought it was just me, but I'm having this exact same issue. I have an iPhone 4 with a Jawbone ICON. It's the same Jawbone ICON I was using with my iPhone 3GS and it worked PERFECTLY on the 3GS. However, whenever I use it with the iPhone 4 it disconnects and reconnects at least once during every call I make. Very annoying! Sorry it's happening to others, but glad it's not just me. Hopefully, a software fix will fix this among the many other glitches I'm seeing.

    Oddly enough though, I have NO issues with using the iPhone 4 with the bluetooth that's built-in to my car. Only having this disconnect/reconnect issue with the ICON.

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  • ranjeetsodhi Level 1 Level 1
    same here; both voice quality (muffled sound on the other end) as well as random disconnects... any solution to these issues?

    I am using a iPhone 32GB, with a Plantronics Voyager Pro.
  • Ablaze4God Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. I thought it was my headset, glad to see it's not. Although I hate that it's my phone as well. Hopefully apple will get this into the 4.1 release. Hopefully.
  • ondray29 Level 1 Level 1
    I think this might be the last straw for me. Apple has to address this in like the next couple of days or I will be using an EVO pretty soon. I didn't think the antenna issue was that big of a deal because, frankly, you're an idiot if you don't have a case on an iphone. But when my Jawbone icon kept getting disconnected and everyone telling me they can't hear me??? At first I thought it was the headset but I also have a Zomm connected to the phone and it had the same problem. So I knew it was the phone. Now these forums are the final evidence. the iphone 4 is definitely Apple's Vista. I've been a long time fan and rubbed Apples superiority in all of my co-workers, friends, and family's faces for years, but now I have to eat a big slice of humble pie. This phone should still be in pre-production. Not on backorder at retailers. I'm really frustrated...Having to re-up with AT&T was bad enough, then the antenna deal, and now I can't use bluetooth. What's next? There are just too many alternative out there now for this crap. The ONLY reason I haven't returned it already is because I'm heavily invested in Apple's App Store and I don't want to through them all away.

  • dbk9999 Level 1 Level 1
    I rarely use my Jabra BT530 headset, but when I first tried it with the iphone 4, the listener said it was okay, but then got much worse to the point of being hard to understand.

    Between then and another test the next day, I paired the headset again and did a hard reset. Next test they said was much better, but all four people I talked to said I sounded "distant".

    Got a replacement phone and have talked to two of those same people and all say it sounds fine on this one.

    But I want to do a lot more testing before I'll feel "safe".
  • humano2k Level 1 Level 1
    I use my iPhone 4 with the same Bluetooth headset, the Jawbone 2 (2008), which I used previously with my old iPhone 3GS, and 3G. The only difference now is that the connectivity with iPhone 4 is erratic and faulty. I don't know how to explain it; it is one of those things where you have to experience for yourself. Nonetheless I will try. First the distance I can use headset away from the phone has decrease exponentially; I sometimes have to hold the phone in front of me and for some reason if I flip the phone the connection is lost.

    I love Apple products and have the best regard towards Steve Jobs, but he either knows there is something wrong with all the wireless communications in the iPhone 4 or he needs to have his minions take a greater look, cause all wireless communications in the phone suck; WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, and regular Cellular. I think the early leeks of the phone rushed Apple to release an unfinished product.

    I love the iPhone 4, it amazing as it does everything else wonderfully. I hope Apple can figure it out and fix all the issues. I do not want to let go of my iPhone 4, I just can’t! I am willing to live with all the issues.
  • Terry White3 Level 1 Level 1
    I was having disconnects too with my Jawbone ICON. Then on a chance I plugged it in to my MacBook Pro to see if there were any updates and sure enough there was both a firmware update and new AD2P support (music can now be played over the headset, it's not stereo but it works). I haven't had a single disconnect since doing the update. Also no one is complaining that I sound funny, but I'd have to do some more testing on that front to be sure.
  • Steven Noyes Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with you pretty much 100% that this is an issue with WiFi/Bluetooth interference on the iPhone 4. I have found that my bluetooth will disconnect whenever the WiFi finds and then looses a signal. If I turn off WiFi,bluetooth is very stable. With WiFi enabled, it is problematic at best.

    The iPhone 3G S did not have this issue.
  • garretn Level 1 Level 1
    Has anyone seen a fix for this? What is Apple saying about the perfect IPhone? I have had nothing but problems with the bluetooth headsets on my IPhone 4. I have tried the Jawbone Prime, Icon and the Blueant Q2 and none of them work properly. The Q2 will all the sudden start this no phones connected and then your phone is connected announcements. I feel that is what was wrong with the poor quality using the Jawbones but they didn't announce it so I couldn't tell it was dropping the connection. I have tried shutting all apps down, rebooting the phone, repairing the headsets, defaulting the headsets nothing seems to help for very long.

    Any more suggestions would be great..
  • Fritsander Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having similar issues (using my iPhone 4) that I didn't experience on my 3GS with the same headsets: Jabra BT620S and Jawbone Prime. Both experience disconnects when connected to a wireless network at the same time. Somehow there is interference between the Bluetooth and wireless when in use at the same time. Thing s get better when turning off wireless. This is however difficult when streaming music from a NAS to the iPhone 4 and trying to listen to this on my Jabra BT620S headphone. When there's no wireless connection (but with wireless turned on) I have no problems with the Jabra but experienced call quality issues with the Jawbone (I can hear very clear but other people having trouble hearing me). The Jawbone has been replaced and quality problems seems better.
    Stil I think we're facing a 'disconnect' between the wireless and bluetooth of the iPhone 4 that needs to be fixed by Apple. Hopefully, it's a software problem ......
  • reimon.andisuwa Level 1 Level 1
    I have this problem since 4.0, 4.1 and problem was dissapear when i've upgraded to 4.2.1.. but its now acting up again lately. Funny is, the problem doesnt occur everyday.. sometime it does, sometime just normal (never got disconnected)

    i've tried install A2DP on the Jawbone icon, and uninstall it.. same crap.
    i havent ugprade to ios 4.3 coz some people said the problem still there, and some user also report some bugs issues on the iOS, so i dont bother update...

    the headset works flawless with my BB 9800 and my previous BB 9700 and 3Gs
    its very funny when you think this problem still exist after 8 months product release? and yet, apple 'think' the problem are completely solved? (i've read in wikipedia, that iOS 4.2.1 solved this stupid bluetooth problem)