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My wife and I are new owners of iPhones. As we set them up today, everything went well except for one point. My wife's e-mail, set to sync through iTunes, is not syncing.

She uses Outlook 2007 and syncs using a USB cable (not over the air). Her contacts and calendars sync just fine, and the message in iTunes says it is syncing mail, but no mail is on the phone. When I push the mail icon on the phone, it simply asks me to set up a new account.

Looking at the iTunes screen, under the sync contacts check box it shows her groups. Under the sync calendar check box it shows a "calendar" option, but under the sync mail check box, it shows nothing. I am guessing that iTunes is not recognizing her e-mail account.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have searched for a few hours, but everything I found dealt with problems with calendar and contacts. I did not find anything about email.

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