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popmart74 Level 1 Level 1
Hi all,

I upgraded the firmware to IOS4 last week, as soon as the upgrade was available. Besides being annoyed that the phone is now running a slow pace compared to its previous OS, I have realised that the phone's home button needs numerous attempts(anything upto 10 attempts) either to wake it or to bring it back to the home page when browsing, using an app, ipod etc.

I've had the phone a year and a half and never did any damage to it and kept it in immaculate condition so I know that it wasn't me that caused this unresponsiveness.

Anyone else having this problem or might have an idea how to reset it (if this is possible)

Thanks for reading and hope someone replies.

iPhone 3G, iOS 4
  • Watcher_as Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same problem! I will set up my iPhone as a new device, since I restored it from a backup and it might solve this conflict. I will let you know if it works correctly!
  • saint1992 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all,

    I'm having the same problem with Iphone 3G. I'm thinking of downgrading the software back to OS 3.1.2 by using the steps on this website:

    http://www.ihackintosh.com/2010/02/downgrade-iphone-2g-3g-os-3-1-3-to-3-1-2-or-l ower/

    I don't want to mess up my phone though so I'll wait until the OS 4.0.1 update and if that still runs slowly on my Iphone then I'll downgrade to OS 3.1.2.

    Hope this helps
  • HadleysHouse Level 1 Level 1

    I updated my 3GS to iOS4 on the day of release and have noticed the home button become more unresponsive. Like you popmart74, it will take me several attempts to get the home button to react, and like you, i've had the phone a short time (13 months) and have kept it in immaculate condition. Never dropped, no scratches - it looks as good as new. I'm so frustrated with it.
  • Watcher_as Level 1 Level 1
    I have a week and half that I've set up my iPhone as a new device and didn't restore from back up file. I've noticed that my iPhone became more responsive in general, but the home button isn't responsive all the time. So, this method didn't work. Here is some tips that I have noticed;
    1) wait some seconds when you press the home button
    2) pressing the left side of the home button will do the job - works for me at least!
    3) send your feedback with the problem to Apple here http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
    Hope that I helped you!