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  • TDKuser Level 1 Level 1
    I've had some recent revelations to this poor battery performance.

    The current OS is 4.1 & I mistakingly upgraded, thinking the massive response to this thread drove apple to resolve the issue, but the poor battery performance is back with OS 4.1

    The previous OS (forget which #) WAS GOOD. Then the current OS 4.1 brings back poor batt life.

    I have a 2G, have wi-fi at home & have turned off sync - set to manual - notifications off - push off

    I noticed when I had my touch AWAY from any wi-fi, the battery life lasted, as expected.

    When in sleep mode, the wi-fi shuts off also - in the good OS.

    Now it appears that during sleep mode (screen blank), the wi-fi IS STILL CONNECTED & WORKING even though I have set syncing to OFF & manual - when the app, namely outlook, is opened.

    Try it - stick your ipod in a metal can so it cannot connect to your wi-fi network at home.

    The prev OS this was fixed as the batt lasted almost 5 days & wi-fi was disabled during sleep mode (screen saver on - screen blank)

    Now for some reason OS 4.1 leaves wi-fi connected all the time - even though the screen is blanked.

    Does anyone know if we can still revert to the OS just prev to 4.1 - that is the OS which gave GOOD batt life, like the good ole days ....

  • raynan Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here on my iPod Touch Gen2. I am setting to Airplane ON and then Network On. I've turned other push functions off. We'll see...
  • raynan Level 1 Level 1
    After 4 days I can report that the changes that were made have extended the battery life. Whereas before the battery self drained within 48 hours, now after this same time the battery is essentially charged.

    I am going to see what happens if I start to turn on 'push functions' while keeping airplane mode on.
  • Stval14 Level 1 Level 1
    I have had my iPod Touch 2G for more than a year. I loved it...until I upgraded to iOS4. Thats when the problems started. Now I can't even use this device. I am having the same battery drain problems. Go to bed fully charged. Wake up 5 hours later no battery and IT WAS OFF. I have tried all of the fixes suggested by Apple...nothing works. And each time I recharge my battery the date reverts back to December 31, 1969. When you change the date back to "TODAY" all of the calendar alerts pop up.

    Apple needs to allow us to go back to 3.X
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