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Is it true that the iPhone 4 (based on iOS4) already has the LTE (4G GSM Tech) built in however it is not active or currently supported, but in conjunction with the launch of either ATT/Verizon's 4G network, Apple may release a new iOS that will active the already built-in LTE/GSM so that the phone will work in the new 4G environment?

Anyone knows anything about the validity of this? Please advise.

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    The iPhone 4 does not have 4G radios built in, yet. This because the true 4G networks aren't up and running yet. By the end of the year, they will be.

    For now... some are calling this iPhone 4 a "3.5 G iPhone 4" because people have noticed, as have i, that both upload and download speeds are FASTER than previous iPhones! This because Apple included the new UMTS/GSM chips that support faster upload and download speeds. The networks don't fully support it yet, because upgrades are currently being made. When they do, we'll see even faster 3G speeds on our iPhone 4's.

    I've noticed speeds of over 3 and 4Mbs download and over 2Mbps upload speeds here in LA where i live. Quite amazing to already get a "taste" of future speeds to come