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fruscinatemaniac Level 1 Level 1
Hey guys! I've been having some trouble charging my iPhone 4, sometimes it works fine but more problems have been arising over the last week and I've discovered that when I plug in the charger into the phone, turn the phone to face me and tug gently on the cable (so if the phone is facing you pull the cable forward slightly), I hear a cracking sound which I haven't heard before on other ipods. Are you guys hearing the same thing, as I believe this may be the problem behind my charging issue.

Thanks for your help!

iPhone 4
  • red555 Level 4 Level 4
    You should take the iphone, cable and charger to an apple store for testing. That is not right.
  • MojoNano Level 1 Level 1
    I have been a loyal Apple customer for many years, currently owning an iPod, iPod Nano, 24" iMac, 27" iMac, MacBook, IPhone 3G, iPad, AirportExpress Base Station... I have convinced many people to swiitch from a PC to the Mac and to buy an IPhone or IPad. Consequently, Apple's handling of the iPhone 4 reception problem - deafening silence or outright denial - is especially disappointing to me, as it is to the other hard-core Apple fans posting here. What's wrong with saying "Because of software features of the iPhone 4, which otherwise make the product an excellent one, some users in certain circumstances may experience some problems with the phone's reception. We are working on a revision to the software which we hope will improve the situation for users." Or, "The iPhone's design is cutting edge; however, in certain circumstances some users have reported diminished reception. Many users have reported that Apple's bumper solves the problem. If you are having this problem, Apple will provide you with a free bumper. If the bumper does not improve the reception for you, or you chose not to get a bumper, please feel free to return the phone. In this circumstance, we will give you a $25 Apple gift card to thank you for your having tried the iPhone 4 and to compensate you for time in returning the phone."
  • trparky Level 1 Level 1
    I just discovered that too on my iPhone 4. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • fruscinatemaniac Level 1 Level 1
    Are you having trouble charging it or is it just making that noise for you? Its like a little click sound.
  • trparky Level 1 Level 1
    No problems charging or syncing, just makes that clicking sound.