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There definitely seems to be a problem with WIFI on the iPhone 4.
At my work, I have been using a peer-to-peer/ad-hoc wireless connection setup on my laptop with internet connection sharing. I've been using this for over a year, first with my iPhone 2G and then my 3GS. Five of my colleagues have also been using the connection fine.
However, two of us have now upgraded to iPhone 4s and, although they work fine on our home WIFI networks, neither of them work on our work ad-hoc network. They connect to the network, but it takes ages before the WIFI symbol appears and, when it finally does, you cannot access the internet.
Also, if one of our iPhone 4s connects to the network, all other 3Gs and 3GSs can’t access the internet! It’s amazing to watch. Surf from web page to web page on a 3GS fine, connect an iPhone 4 and, bang, 3GS stops loading pages. Turn off WIFI on the iPhone 4 and 3GS starts loading pages again. Weird!
Before anyone asks, there are no ip address conflicts on the network and we have checked the settings on all of the phones numerous times; they’re fine.
We’ve also tried this on three different laptops although, I have to admit, they are all the same model; IBM ThinkPad Lenovo R400.
I’m suspecting it’s a frequency issue and I can probably resolve it by adjusting the WIFI card settings on the laptop, but so far I’ve had no joy.
Any ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 4, IBM ThinkPad Lenovo R400 running Windows Vista