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    I have this same issue, except it happened once before I upgraded the OS also. The GPS works fine one day, then it suddenly stops. It will get an approximate fix based on cell tower triangulation, but the actual GPS receiver isn't functioning. Last time this happened i had to get a replacement iphone. Good thing thing i have the apple care so i can replace phone every 6 months when the GPS fails. Thing that ticks me off is my wife's iphone locks the position every time, and has for almost a year.

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    I have a 3G with IOS4 and use the latest version of Navigon. The GPS reception got terrible after the upgrade but when I turn off wifi, reboot the phone then it does work pretty well and doesn't loose the fix all too often. If someone calls me, Navigon will be restarted properly.
    Before, with IOS3, I could just use System Activity Monitor to free some Ram and then start Navigon and get a fix fairly easy.

    I was already looking around for a TomTom GPS holder for my Navigon but it seems to be IOS4 related so I just wait for Apple to fix this. Buying the 4G is not possible due to contract restrictions. And no, I don't have Apple Care.
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    I have been in contact with TomTom and they say to delete all data from the phone and iTunes then reinstall. And guess what ........It still doesn't work. They don't seem to be bothered and even told me that hey didn't know about this problem! A little rich seeing as they seem to have a critical os4 update on the app! Oh, and guess what? That doesn't make the slightest bit of difference either.I even updated the last os4 update thinking that they might have fix the issue, that didn't work either....... I have spent all this money and it's useless and you don't seem to give a ****? Your Policy is that once you have downloaded the app there is no refund and in this case no after sales support???
    I may have just as well gone out and bought a TomTom device, at least that would have worked and I not lost my money.

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    Also have this same issue since IOS 4. I mountain bike the same trails I always do now the GPS says i'm going over a huge river on my MTB never had done that before the 4 upgrade.
    I called Apple Support. After mentioning all my troubleshooting steps and issues. I was told this is a known issue and is being worked on but no ETA or even a mailing list about the progress. They recommended me buying the Newest Phone. Truly Apple really has gone downhill with their support of their last gen products! One mention though the tech was for the most part polite and courteous as in the past but could not fix the issue.
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    I had the same problem when installed the ios4...
    I think the problem is some incompatibility with some apps you may have. Try to remove some app's and try it again. In last chance restore all again and BEFORE Sync with iTunes try MAPS to check if GPS is working
    Thats how i resolved it =)
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    Above I wrote how I managed to get my 3G working. But I guess I've been lucky. Right now I just have to keep trying to start Navigon again and again. And all of a sudden, it will work in the end. Last week it took me 40 minutes (while driving!) to get it working - I got a good fix just 1 mile before the highway exit. In the industrial area I lost the fix again as someone tried to call me twice (both times I pushed them away) so this caused me to get very annoyed about Apple. If anyone would have offered me an Android system + navigation for whatever price I would have bought it right away.

    Some pecularities while trying though: more than once it seemed I just had a great fix. I just experienced the triangular symbol, representing my position, following the road and in the end disappear in the distance. So the fix seems OK but the map just doesn't move.

    From other people having similar problems, I understood google maps is working perfectly. Didn't check it as my 1.5 yo daughter managed to delete the icon from the 3g somehow.
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    I have the same problem in the London, UK. After upgrading to iOS4 on my iphone 3g, the GPS hardly ever seems to fix. no pulsating blue dot ever!

    I went to two different locations away from building and trees and i never got a gps fix or pulsating dot. I purchased a gps app skoobler for £1.90 or something and that was having the same problem as the maps app.

    come on apple! fix it please
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    triangulation is the only gps function working on iphone 3g when you upgrade to iOS4. There is a bug that stops true GPS lockon and pulsating dot... that's what i've seen with my iPhone 3G on iOS4 upgrade.

    so annoyed!
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    This helped me, but in a simple and surprisingly way.
    I have a 3GS 16GB and after upgrading to iOS4, Navigon just didn't get a GPS signal at all. It had worked like a dream before the upgrade. I was pretty surprised to find out that Location Services had been switched of for Navigon in the Settings. After turning it on it all worked again. This deactivation of Location Services must have occured during the upgrade. Hopefulle some of you can use the same solution.

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    My wife has a 3G w/iOS 4.0.2 and it works fine. I hadn't heard about the GPS issue so I went outside to try it. It works great! We are off a rural road in the sticks, her 3G showed my position within two feet. (Same on a Garmin Nuvi)
    Oddly, her phone has not had any of the adverse issues I have read out here. No dropped calls, WiFi works fine, apps load and run smoothly and the GPS checks out.
    Add the fact that some iPhone 4 users claim no problems, a mystery unfolds. Different factory's, or at least different assembly lines? Parts from different vendors? I suppose only Apple would know for sure.
    My 3GS was fine until yesterday, it made two calls to two different contacts on its own -unless the new case?
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    Same problem using Golfshot GPS app on a 3G phone. Used to work fine. Upgraded to iOS4 and now it rarely gets a fix if ever. Having come to rely on GPS positioning for club selection this is having a pretty negative effect on my handicap. Sort it out Apple!

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    Anyone tried the latest beta of iOS?
    Anyway, next week we'll know if this issue got solved by Apple. Triangulation is not the navigation method I had in mind.
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    THANKS PAL!! Indeed, as you say... the upgrade turns of the locations services. You can put them back on in the settings. You're my hero
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    Ok, iOS 4.1 installed. Navigon starts very quickly (20 secs now). Problem is partly solved. About 1 out of 2 tries is going well and I can start navigating - the triangle (me) stays on a fixed position on the screen and the map moves. The other tries are exactly viceversa: the maps are fixed and the triangle (me) follows the road (the exact position) and then moves offscreen. That's no help.

    So, there's improvement but we're not there yet.
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    Same here. Updated to 4.1 last night. Loading programs is much quicker than before (Navigon included), but I still can't get a good enough GPS fix for navigating, nor does my wi-fi work (I even tried hooking into a free wireless hotspot at the nearest coffee shop, but to no avail).