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Hello folks,

My computer is getting a bit full and I'm loathed to delete music from my itunes to free up space, so I want to install itunes onto an external hard drive and run it tunes off that. When I try to install itunes again it automatically installs onto my computer hard drive with no option to install else where. Anyone got any idea how to do this?

Dell inspiron 9400, Windows Vista
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,255 points)
    iTunes needs to be installed on the boot drive.

    You can put the iTunes library and all the files (music, video, etc.) on the external.
    Drag the entire \Users\username\Music\iTunes\ folder to the external.
    Hold Shift and launch iTunes.
    Select *Choose library* and sselect the *iTunes library.itl* file in the iTunes folder you copied to the external.
    Everything should work fine.
    Then you can delete \Users\username\Music\iTunes\ on the internal.\

    Mkae sure the external is on, mounted and ready before you launch iTunes.