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After updating to OS4 on my iphone 3g, when I go to the wifi under settings it doesn't pick up any wifi networks. Anyone else have this problem? it is a fault with the update or is it just my iphone 3g?

Iphone 3g, iOS 4
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    It's not your hardware, it's yet another OS 4.0 issue. Wifi on my 3G with OS 4.0 also stopped working. Sometimes with restarts it will start working again for a bit then it stops working again.
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    If your phone is still under warranty call apple, I had the same problem, I had no wifi at all, my friend came over and her phone picked up 4 different networks. Before you call apple make sure you do a restore as a new phone and a restore from a back up, otherwise they'll request you do that. I had already done this, so they made me a genius bar appoint for the same night, went in and came out with a new phone 10 minutes later. Now I'm updating the new phone to iOS4 lets hope it was the phone and not the software, otherwise another trip to the apple store tomorrow.
  • getfuggled Level 1 (5 points)
    Yea, success, I upgrade the new phone, to iOS4 and it's working better than ever, actually seems quicker than my orignal 3G model iOS 3.1, so if your phone is under warranty call Apple, or if you have an Apple store locally make an appointment for the Genius Bar.
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    This posting saved my brick. It appears to only apply to XP users trying to update a phone to iOS4 with iTunes 9, but it worked like a charm.

    Thanks Chikana and Jolly Giant.

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    Glad you got yours fixed, trouble is my iphone is no longer under warranty as ive had it for two years now. So frustrating that it worked fine up until the upgrade to IOS4, Whats going on apple!!!! still no wifi after several restores!!
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    If you have followed all the trouble shooting steps here http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1559 and it recommends you see Apple Service it is because you have a hardware problem, your WiFi board connections are toast.

    You can pay Apple to fix it, buy a new board in the aftermarket, or fix it yourself http://www.iphonetiquicia.com/repair-iphone-3g-wifi-oven/
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    4.0 bricked my 3G on installation. Got a replacement at Apple Store. Poky slow with 4.01. Wifi connectivity is impossible. Restored network settings: nada. Restored phone: nada.

    Curiously, the freezer trick did work for about a week and I'm told this is an oft-used method when solder joins are compromised so I'm guessing the iOS4 "upgrade" taxes the OS so much that it gets hot and the joins go wonky and it becomes a hardware problem.

    No replacement in stock at the nearest Apple Store so they're overnighting my second 3G.

    For my troubles I asked if AT+T would waive the eligibility timeframe (April) to get an iphone 4 for $200 but the tech person called them and they said no. ********.

    This OS4 thing has really tarnished Apple's once clean track record and how they'll address this issue with 3G owners, if at all, will be interesting.
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    Yep, ******** is right. They should have waved it for you.
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    I too am caught between 2 stools. lost wifi upgrading to os4. am out of warranty but am insured. apple wont admit that there is a problem as such, they suggest sending it for repair for €211, for which they give you a new phone! so even then i dont think i would be able to claim it under phone insurance...some racket
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    Are you sure they will give you a "new phone"? I was offered a replacement 3G (reconditioned?) with only a 3 months warranty for 200 Euros...many others were offered and declined, the same.
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    I too lost wifi after upgrading to iOS4. Broken to never work again.

    I set up an appointment with Genius bar at my local canadian Apple Store and let them do their thing. My iPhone was a year out of warantee and they gave me a new iPhone 3G (refurb maybe) with 3 month warantee. Be nice to the Geniuses

    Anyone happy with the 4.0.2 update ... I left the replacement at 3.1
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    I has an iPhone 3G that was recently upgraded to iOS4.1, and it killed my WiFi. Even though the phone was out of warranty, I went to an Apple store today, and with not too much effort, but a bit of concern, was able to get a brand new iPhone 3G on the spot, for free. The tech was no willing to outright admit that the software was at fault, but if replacing a phone out of warranty on the spot isn't an admission of guilt, I don't know what is. I'm glad that they could help me out, but they need to make this an official recall or something.
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    Same issue here. 3G after 4.1 upgrade and Wi-Fi is greyed out completely. No reset, reboot, restore, restore as new, new SIM card or anything else helped. Apple made me contact my cell phone operator to replace it. I'm quite dissatisfied with their customer support.

    Let's see, what's going on.
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    Ok - I sent my girl to the Apple retail store today as none of the described procedures did work for my iPhone 3g.

    The genius checked the phone and came to the conclusion that my phone-hardware must be the cause for wi-fi to not work anymore.

    He gave us a free (yes!) replacement (3g - same model and type...) at no charge. We were way out of warranty but in the EU there is an additional law to warranty, that makes the seller responsible for those kind of defects for 24 months. Even though we did not buy from Apple directly but from our cellphone-operator, the genius (yes, he is!) replaced the phone and now we're happy again.

    Thank you Apple. That's the way it has to work. Everything is fine again

    So - go to a retail store and ask the genius for help. That could be a way out of this issue.

    All the best, Matt.

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