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I get email to six POP accounts on three devices - iPhone, iPad and my MacBook Air. Deleting the emails I've already read on one device from the other two has become incredibly time-consuming. I've poked around on the boards to try to find out if changing my email accounts to IMAP on the iPhone and iPad only would be a good solution, but I've gotten conflicting advice. I found both of these statements, which would appear to contradict each other:

statement #1:
+No, that should be fine to do that but as mentioned above, you would set the POP account on your desktop to leave mail on the server. This is the setup I use (POP on desktop, IMAP on iPhone). I like it because it adds a layer of backup. If your mail server went down and lost all your email, you'd still have copies on your desktop in your POP account. Also, you can still reference/search email if your internet goes down.+

statement #2:

+I have to second these motions here - Do Not try to mix these two or you risk loosing email... Then make sure you reconfigure your Mail.app to IMAP. You will need to create a new IMAP account in the prefs, manually move all of your POP email to their corresponding folders in the IMAP account, and then delete the POP account.+

Surely lots of other people are finding it hard to manage their email with all of these other devices? Whenever I launch Mail in either my iPad or my iPhone it loads the new ones, plus up to 50 old emails from whenever I stopped deleting them before...

TIA for any advice...

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