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I recently updated my iPhone to iOS4 and it hasn't been working properly since then. It randomly reboots and freezes when i am using it. When i woke up this morning all of my apps were deleted. All of my contacts and songs and other things were there fine but all the apps i downloaded are gone. I did a system restore and set it up as a new phone and the problem came with. Has anyone had this problem and what is the solution.

3GS, iOS 4
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    Apps are all stored on your computer. Just sync them back to your phone.
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    same problem here, apps disappeared inside iTunes and cannot be found anywhere, even inside iTunes folder. all other settings and email messages are intact, by gone are the apps. Anything i can do to recover them from Apple?
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    Anything i can do to recover them from Apple?

    If they are not in your iTunes Library on your computer, just restore them from your most recent computer backup.

    If you've failed to keep an up-to-date backup, then you'll just have to re-download them. As long as you download using the same iTunes account used originally, you won't be charged again.