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I just want to vent.

Last night we rented a movie, the movie started and just got a white screen. Turned off receiver and back on still white screen. Rebooting ATV DID resolve the problem.

I just want to say I am getting tired of continually rebooting my ATV. I have to do this quite often now that I am just going HDMI through my receiver (which is a decent quality Denon). I mostly have issues where there is no sound and the only solution is rebooting ATV. Now this white screen last night. Ugh. Just work!

I don't have any more Toslink inputs on my receiver otherwise I would use that setup as I did on my older receiver which didn't have any HDMI. I am using a decent HDMI cable to boot plus just recently reset my ATV and reloaded all updates hoping that would fix the problem.

I really hope Apple is coming out with something new...especially now that Hulu offers Hulu Plus...maybe there is still hope. Only need Pandora now...please migrate ATV to IOS.

By the way, I have had my ATV since software version 1 and Yes I have posted my frustrations through the Feedback section of Apple.com.

Thanks for listening.

2010 MBP 17" i5 4gigs, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    As you know HDMI implementation seems to be a bit peculair on AppleTV in some setups - it shouldn't be like that but if you've posted to the feedback links that's about all you can do.

    Have to say I've not had the white screen isuue for ages, but as you say usually a reboot fixes it.
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    Alley_Cat wrote:
    As you know HDMI implementation seems to be a bit peculair on AppleTV in some setups.......

    Seems to be peculiar between many devices.