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Scarxio Level 1 (0 points)
I just got an iPhone 4 yesterday, synchronized my music, apps and everything else from iTunes. Until mid afternoon I took out my phone from my pocket and found it turned off. I thought that I turned it off my self and just turned it on and went on with no worries. Later in the day i was web browsing and my phone turned completely off. I got confused and just turned it on. This went on almost 5 times in the last 30 hours. With no applications running, the ipod, facebook, safari, and the camera.
I also restored it once and from a backup.
I don't have any other problems such as screen defects or signal loss.
Please help, Thanks.

Macbook Pro 5,5; 2.53 GHZ, 4GB RAM., Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4 iOS 4, 16 GB
  • ANF1017 Level 1 (0 points)
    Mine has been doing the same thing. I'm not sure what can fix it... It doesn't happen when the phone is plugged in though, but it's completely random.

    I'm going to take mine into the Apple store today and see if there's anything they can do to fix it.
  • frankieorourke Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi all! Got my Iphone 4 the day after it came out and synched all my stuff as you do when you first get an iphone.

    All was well until the next day when it kept randomley turning itself off i called apple they said that i should plug it back in and back up then restore and c what happens from there. i did not do this as i thought it was correct itself after the once but it has carried on turning itself off. this morning alone it went off 3 times in 20 minutes. i am goin to call them again today and see what they have to say for themselves.
  • ke11111y Level 1 (105 points)
    I've just been to the apple store as my iphone has switched itself off 3 times over the last week, but only when I am plugging in the earphones. He restored it for me saying it was probably some software conflict and if it happens again he will exchange it.
  • Scarxio Level 1 (0 points)
    Took it in to Apple Genius Bar and got a free replacement. The one I now have works flawlessly.
  • DrKnow Level 1 (0 points)
    I too am having this issue in addition to dropping calls like crazy no matter how I hold it. As long as I am hands free I seem to have no problems. The funny thing is I had no issues with my iPhone 3G.

    The new phone will turn off just like the others have indicated without any repeatable pattern. Sometimes I will just go to pick it up and it will be turned off and sometimes I have some difficulty turning it back on. I guess I will try and do a restore.
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    My phone has been randomly turning off about once to twice a week. Real annoying.

    At first as I heard about the proximity sensor, I thought that may be the issue. Is it? Reading the posts about peoples issues/experience with a bad proximity sensor, it does not seem to be the same issue. So thoughts, related to proximity sensor OR another issue?

    Here is my experience:
    Within two days of purchase, texting early in the morning, noticed no responses for a while. Grabbed the phone, nothing. No response, nothing on the screen, toggled the ring/silent - no vibration etc. The phone was off, tried a reset (both buttons for 10 seconds). Took 30 minutes approx. before I finally got the Apple splash screen. Happened a week later to the day, 5 days later and today, 5 days later.

    Thanks for any input.
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    I have had this problem almost every day since I bought my Iphone4. It turns off in my pocket and I have to reboot by pushing both buttons. I hope that they get a fix for this, soon. Likely a software problem?
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    Same problem here! Is there a fix aside from returning it?? I am deployed overseas and won't be in the ststaes until Sept. I hate to wait so long. Brand new phone and this happens right out of the box. What a shame
  • acssprez Level 1 (0 points)
    This has to be some sort of battery issue. I say this because the phone works great if it stays plugged into the computer or wall outlet. When its on battery power, it turns off after it goes to sleep within a few minutes. I have tried all the restore options without success. Driving me crazy!
  • airinys Level 1 (15 points)
    Got same issue. Most likely after being unplugged from full charge. But it still happens when I turned everything off and leave it for a while.

    Have a call with Apple Support yesterday, and they offered me a free replacement via UPS. Nice !
    But it is unacceptable for me, I have a business to run ...
    I've got a schedule at Genius Bar next week, and I'm pretty sure that I will have a replacement.

    hope this help ...

    I guess this issue is related to very low consumption, but I'm still unsure after 2 weeks.

    I don't really believe of an hardware issue. Too many people reports this issue. I'm overseas (France) and that would be illogical that we have the same bad series ... and I see somewhere here that after a replacement crashes still occur.

    My other theory is that is related to battery percentage display ... It never crashed when it is off, will see next days if it happens again in "real life".

    In my opinion, it would be better that Apple acknowledge this issue instead of replacing in discretion without a word, after customers worried and complained.

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    I had the same problem with my phone. Take it back they will give you a new one. There is no magical fix you can do - something is wrong with the phone.

    The new one hasn't had a problem.

    Good luck
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    I have had this problem went to the store and they replaced the phone twice, on my third phone now , no problems after a week and yep it turned it self again today very frustrating will give it another 24 hours then decide on another journey to the store.
  • I windows Level 1 (20 points)
    Just want to add myself to the list,first time it happened was 10 minutes after buying the phone.takes a hard restart to get it back on.I bought it at apple store 3days ago,got a appointment this morning,I will leave with a different phone,or a refund.I did 6 restores since I got it,all as a new phone,nothing helps.I have all the iphones and this is the first one I know needs to be returned,I just hope it don't take multiple new ones to get one that works right.
  • I windows Level 1 (20 points)
    so i had my apple appointment this morning,explained the problem and he gave me a brand new iphone,one in original box,not white box.just got to give props to the troy,michigan store.also no problems yet.
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