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Shawn Birmingham Level 4 (1,945 points)
I've created a Medium sized Snapshot book. I see where I can add a Text Box, a Metadata Box, a Photo Box or a Map Box, but the Map Box is completely grayed out. Why is it grayed out, and how can I then add a map?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • rwboyer Level 4 (3,170 points)
    There are only a couple of themes where the map box is enabled I believe journal and photo essay are two of them. You can probably hack at the theme plists to enable other ones if you want.

  • Shawn Birmingham Level 4 (1,945 points)
    Could you point me to a tutorial on how to hack the theme plists?
  • rwboyer Level 4 (3,170 points)
    I am guessing here since I have not done that specific thing myself - I may as soon as I have some time but here is a post on hacking the fonts - I have made books do just about anything I want - removing covers, etc etc. You will have to compare the plist files from a book theme that does not allow maps to one that does and then modify the theme that does not to reflect the required changes.

    Beware - I always copy these out of the Aperture App package into my local library as not to screw up the original theme. The locations/names may have changed a little for Ap3. Not a big deal. If you cannot figure out what to do from these posts by extrapolating then you may be better off leaving them be.

    [Custom font menu for Aperture books|http://photo.rwboyer.com/2008/11/30/aperture-2-quick-tip-custom-fonts-in- book-themes>

    [Using photo boarders in Aperture Books|http://photo.rwboyer.com/2010/03/15/aperture-3-book-theme-trick>