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Tristan Grogan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
hi everyone

thanks so much to anyone who responds. I've had my ipod nano for 2 weeks or so now. However, tonight (i havent used it in about 30 hours) i went to it and nothing worked. I plugged it into my computer (usb2.0 port), and at first nothign worked. When i touch the scroll wheel thing the screen lights up, but there is no text or anything on the screen, just a blank white lighed screen. There is no battery charging or any icons. i've tried toggling the hold switch and holding the menu and select buttons. This "resets" the nano and displys the folers on my computer, but the nano is still blank. Please ask away as i'm sure i left some important things out, thanks!! and by the way... the MUSIC WORKS... and scroll wheel, but no text on screen...

ipod nano, Windows XP, windows XP, pentium 3, 512 RAM, 994 mhz