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My ipod touch will not turn on at all...It won't even charge. I can't get it to do anything! Is there anyone that can help me figure it out?

Dell Laptop, Windows Vista
  • JOKER IS A LEGEND AND SO AM I Level 1 Level 1
    if it doesnt turn on at all not even the apple logo then i think i have the same problem as u could u please tell mre when u find an answer
    i have an ipod touch 32 gigabytes 2nd gen i got last chritmasn i was chargingit on my dock (gear4) and in the morning it wasnt doing anything
    i ve tried to charge it with everything and still nothing its been like this 4 two months i think.
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    Try the steps in this article and if after trying them you can't get it to work you either have a dead battery or hardware problem on the ipod.
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    i've been having a similar problem wit mine also for about six months and it seems to happen only if the battery dies..then it'll take days for it to boot back up. It was sggested to try holding the power and the menu key at the same time for about 10-15 seconds& then the apple icon should appear and that should work.. it woerked for me a and all I had to do was charge it..you may wanna buy a wall charger or maybe even charge it on an ipod dock cuz it seems that when theres technical difficulties the laptop or desktop doesnt have enough power to charge it.. it dnt hurt to try it..
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    i have this problem with my ipod touch.
    it won't turn on no matter what i do.
    i did what i read "hold the home button and blabla....."
    still it won't.
    its black out, it won't charge.
    it won't turn on even for a second
    no apple logo or anything
    its like dead

    what do i need to do?
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    If you have a first or second generation iPod Touch with this problem, most likely the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. The batteries are supposed to last only through about 400 charges; charging every day means the batteries go bad in a little over a year.

    Apple wants you to buy a new Touch which is why they make the batteries so hard to replace. Replacing the battery on your own is tricky, you can really mess things up if you don't know what you're doing.