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Hi, mac newbie here (ex pc). do many generic usb keyboards and dvd/cd writers work with macs (airbook) ?

airbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Any USB keyboard will work. Just realize that the Command key is the "Windows" key, and Option is "Alt". And that PC keyboards switch the locations of Command/Windows & Option/Alt. If the keyboard has any additional "special" keys (i.e.: internet, volume.) that requires special software, then those keys might not work unless they also make Mac versions of the software. But otherwise it's not a problem to use a non-Apple keyboard.

    As for the Superdrive, any drive will work for reading and writing. I have two additional generic DVD burners attached to my Macbook Pro and they work fine. However, I've heard of some problems with non-Apple drives if you ever need to restore from the factory disks. So that is one thing IMHO that I'd buy an Apple Superdrive instead of generic.
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    I can verify that the Panasonic VW-BN1 (external DVD Burner) works with the 1st generation MacBook Air. I just reinstalled OS X (Leopard) on the air using this DVD Burner. Note that this DVD Burner has its own power supply in addition to the USB cable.