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Is it possible to pair two sets of headphones simultaneously to one iPad?

iOS 4
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    I am also interested in this. We recently rented films on the iPad to watch on a plane but we had to take it in turns to watch because only one set of headphones can be connected at one time. Does anyone make an adapter?
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    Until I can test otherwise I believe only one set of bluetooth headphones can be paired at one time. So there is no wireless way of using two sets of headphones to once. You can use two sets of wired headphones very easily by buying a 3.5mm jack splitter
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    I have tried to and am unable to do so. I intended to have 1 iPad for RSE for the kids and use two BT headphones, but that won't work with current software. I would love for Apple to create a patch for this. Until then, I have to plug an the Monster FM transmitter in (w/ 12v power source that will also power the iPdad) for one set of headphones. As anyone who has been on the road w/ FM transmitters knows: interfearance in big cities is a big problem.

    So, Apple, please give us a patch.
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    I have been searching for an answer to this an recently came upon the Kokkia i10 MultiStream Bluetooth adapter for Apple devices. Its not an update that your ipad needs, its a hardware issue. If it's to be intergrated in the future, it will have to be with new Ipad release. Hope this helps, even though this post is 2 years old.