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My 13inch white macbook won't charge!
Th only way i can use my macbook is if i have it plugged into the power chord. The chord only turns green and never the amber color. Some days it detects my battery and says battery isn't charging. Other days it says i have no battery. I don't want to go spend $130 on a new battery and then find out it's my chord but I don't know what to do with it.

13 inch white macbook
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    I hope someone answers you soon. I have the same problem. My battery went down to 0% because the macbook said battery was not charging and no charger connected!! Left it for about a month started it up again with magsafe connected and bingo it started charging, but now not recognising the charger again, so not sure what to do as I'm way out in the sticks, no Apple contacts here and out of warranty I think. Bought it over a year ago in the John Lewis sale.
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    Please post your battery information available from Apple Menu>About this Mac>More Info and the select Power from the menu on the left. Copy and paste the information that is listed there.

    If you have a removable battery and you haven't done so you should try removing the battery and putting it back in.

    When you say that the charger turns green, is it the normal bright green of fully charged or a dim green?

    If you have an Apple store near you, you can take your computer in and try connecting it to one of the display models to see if it charges, this will tell you how it responds to a working charger.
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    Your problem sounds different. Your problem sounds more like the computer is not recognizing the charger instead of not recognizing the battery.

    When you connect the charger does the light come on, and if so what color is the light? If the light doesn't come on, will the light come on if you fiddle with it?

    Does the computer run with the power cord connected, either with the battery at zero or with the battery removed?

    If there is no light, a dim light or an inconsistent light, you should visually inspect the both ends of the magsafe connection to see if there is any dirt or discoloration. You should also inspect the cord side of the magsafe connection to see that none of the pins are depressed. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1713