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Hi everyone, have a question that to do with my new ipad. I have the 3g version and want to use gps in traveling. I am confused with all the info. that I have read to date. I. will i have to purchase a gps app. if so any suggestions. 2. is the use of the att network required. I have a old system that uses the satellites. I don't mind yearly subscriptions etc. but have no desire to use att just to get help on a trip. thanks in advance for all the help. Larry

Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Here's a good place to start: iPad- Understanding Location Services.
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    Last week, I took a very long trip, from New Orleans to West Virginia (and back), and used the standard maps application the entire way. Even when I didn't have any "E" or "3G" service, it was still able to keep track of my location. The only problem I found, was that GOOGLE was not always accurate with locations of businesses.. Apple or AT&T can't help that.

    Good luck. Feel free to ask for any other details.
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    I was not able to access and use Maps or later Motion X Drive app (excellent) unless I had Internet access. Wi-Fi is out if one is driving so that left 3G. However, since I'm on the limited plan (250) I did not use it for long distance because I wasn't able to determine if I'd use up all of my allotment.

    Originally I had decided to get a 3G rather than a Wi-Fi only because I wanted to have insurance that I could reach the Internet if needed and Wi-Fi was not available to me. However, after having my Garmin die on me (since replaced) I found that the 3G was my lifeline and saved me twice from getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings. If asked now why I would get a 3G vs a Wi-Fi only it would now be because of the GPS.
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    I use the TomTom for iPhone app. It is a large app (1.5GB), but has the advantage of not needing any external connection to the Internet, as all map data is contained in the app. It works great.