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Jason Gallagher3 Level 1 Level 1
I upgraded MLB at bat so that the audio plays in the background while im multitasking.

Its great how ever I don't understand how to quit the app.

When I double click the home button and swipe to the control area where the orientation lock is it does not show mlb at bat running. It shows only the ipod icon. I thought it was suppose to show the mlb at app like it shows the pandora when pandora is streaming music in the background

Its the same concept of allowing audio to stream ...what gives?

I guess I can hold down the mlb at bat app when first opening my apps that are in the background hold down so it wiggles and then delete it.

But this is very confusing.
  • jslim1999 Level 1 Level 1
    If you double click the home button after starting audio (in MLB)...before you single click the home button to quit...and then swipe to the left, you get the iPod icon. But, if you start audio in MLB, then press the Home button to quit the app and go back to the home screen (while still streaming audio in the background), and THEN double click and swipe to the left, you'll get the MLB icon and MLB audio controls.

    By the way, MLB At Bat audio in the background while checking your mail or surfing the web is pretty awesome.