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I open itunes and then plug in my ipad to sync and backup, then I get the blue screen stating that a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage. The error message gives these codes: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0X0000000, 0XBA5237C8, 0XBA5234C4). Things worked perfectly a week ago when I plugged the ipad in to do the same thing and nothing has changed. I've run anti spyware and virus program to make sure there are no viruses on my PC. When I turn the computer back on it goes through a disk check. One of the times when it was going through this check it gave this message: windows\prefetch\itunes.exe-14FD3AEE.PF, don't even know what this is.

Is it possible to uninstall or itunes and reinstall, or reinstall over existing itunes? And if so do I deauthorize itunes before doing so?

Have already been on the phone with my computer guy and he confirms there's nothing wrong with my system.

Need help!!



Acer laptop, Windows XP Pro, Computer recently repaired.
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    I would uninstall and then reinstall the latest version of iTunes. XP has a section in the control panel for uninstalling programs.

    Your profile say your computer was recently repaired. Did it ever successfully sync with your iPad after that repair? If no, what was the problem and what was the repair?
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    Yes the ipad synced with my pc just fine prior to yesterday. The repairs had to do with viruses and not any hardware. I will try the uninstall/reinstall and let you know if that worked.

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    I had this problem, and it turned out to be conflict with a logitech web cam when you have pictures which were modifed & saved on the ipad. After deleting all of the pictures that were created and stored on the ipad the problem went away.

    I also tried to update the logitech drivers, which didn't fix the problem for me - although it is supposed to fix it as well.

    do you have a webcam installed?
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    I do have a webcam on my laptop but there was never a problem before and the webcam is not logitech but thanks for the response.
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    I have spent hours installing / reinstalling............FINALLY....it is the drivers.......... does not recognize IPAD, then freezes Itunes
    I phoned APPLE SUPPORT:
    in search bar: type in devmgmt.msc go to portable devices, right click and update drivers in apple mobile device......my advice is to call the support Apple, it took about 10 min on phone. vs my at least 12 hours trying to fix on my own, but it came down to a driver problem.
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    I was experiencing the same scenario – my PC would instantly crash every time I’d plug in either of myiPads.  I called Apple for support; they told to uninstall then re-install iTunes, which I did, but it didn’t fix it.


    I had to remove the Logitech web cam, driver and related components, and now there's no problem.  Finally, after several weeks and way too much time trying to figure it out, I can sync both my iPads with my PC and it doesn't crash!  Yeay!


    I think it was an issue with the camera function once I tried to sync after adding new, modified photos on my iPad.  Hope this helps.