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it took me about a year to convince all of my friends not to use the highest (12 megapixels) resolution on their digital cameras available, instead take pictures with 2 megapixels, since the sensors are so small that it doesn't make a difference anyways. So now it's about 500kb per photo instead of 3MB!

Now, the iPhone 4 has this super 5 megapixels sensor and there is no option to set it back to 2 megapixels, so every single photo imported to iPhoto has about 2MB!!!

Does anyone know of an automator-script, batch-app, hack that allows me to shrink the photos without messing with timestamps and other meta-data of the photos?


Mac Mini, MacbookPro, iPod Shuffle & iPhone, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • BryC Level 1 Level 1
    Once you have taken a picture, and email it - it gives you an option to shrink the quality/size.
  • esreverse Level 1 Level 1
    Hi and Thanks BryC,

    I know about that option, but sending all photos via email to my mac to import them into iPhoto is a workaround, not a solution.

    Steve Jobs was superproud when he announced/said that other companies just go for megapixels, Apple instead goes for quality. But nobody thought of a simple switch in the settings to reduce the totally unnecessary image size from 5MP to 2MP. 5MP are just too much for a sensor this small, even though it's a back-wired sensor. Every stupid camera has that nowadays.

    @Apple, thanks for wasting space on my harddrive by totally overdimensioned photos.
  • choddo Level 1 Level 1
    2MB is hardly a disaster when 2TB of storage costs $100. While I agree that the megapixel race is nonsense, there is a noticeable difference in detail at 2mp versus 5 on most cameras.
  • esreverse Level 1 Level 1
    @choddo: True if iPhoto wouldn't have performance problems with big libraries and photos. But you may again answer: Just us an 8-Core Mac Pro with 16GB of ram and you are fine.

    Fact is, that a shrinked down 5MP-to-2MP photo looks (subjectively) as sharp as a 5MP photo while having 1/4 of the size on the harddrive.
  • BryC Level 1 Level 1
    Once it's jailbroken , i assume a variable will be available ( another workaround )
  • red555 Level 4 Level 4
    When we shoot a digitally zoomed photo, doesn't that reduce the image size,
    MP-wise? I know it increases the pixelation.
  • esreverse Level 1 Level 1
    Hi red555,

    nice idea, but unfortunately the resolution stays at 2592x1936.
  • pberk Level 2 Level 2
    Be really careful with digital zoom if you want quality photos - a zooming camera lenses actually reorients the lens system so that the zoomed-in scene is what enters the camera's shutter.... Digital zooming is a pixelation process as you suggest that happens within the camera...
  • esreverse Level 1 Level 1
    True, but red555's idea would have been the smarter option. Reducing the numOf pixels (= just cropping out the remaining portion of the image), instead of blowing the rest that is there up.
  • esreverse Level 1 Level 1
    Ah small HIGH/LOW or 5MP/2MP switch somewhere in the photo-app hud would have costed nothing. But I guess, like for many other widespread standard-features, we need to wait for 3rd-party-apps.
  • kramey74 Level 1 Level 1
    A disaster? Really?

    The oil spill is a disaster. Hurricanes and earthquakes are disasters.
    You having to take one extra step to resize photos to your desired size is not a disaster.
  • BoredWithTheHype Level 1 Level 1
    Hey there,
    I totally agree with your logic. I've been hounding my parents and siblings about photo sharing for years now. Everyone is a shutter bug, leaves the @#$%'ed default to the highest resolution then calls me with 'computer' problems when they can't send me more than one or two 5MB photos at a time.

    I hope Apple addresses the resolution so we don't need workarounds, however, I've trained my folks to resize with XP add-ins now. They move their photos to the PC and right-click then resize to approx 300K (800x600) and we get to see little Johnny graduate from kindergarten ad nauseum!
  • esreverse Level 1 Level 1
    Hey kramey74 aka smartass,

    ever realized that your meta-data gets messed up when you batch-resize photos? And how do you suggest importing photos from your iPhone appearing in iPhoto and then resizing them? Digging into the iPhoto-folder and search for the photos there?

    Go waste someone else's time.
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