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Are there any tricks to putting screen protectors on. I have used on Zapp and threw it away and three ifrogzs, could not get them on without the bubbles and even after using the enclosed squeegees, still could not get bubbles out…

Any suggestion’s

macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • Shamus16 Level 1 Level 1
    I've found that a really clean screen helps. I also tend to just pull off one end of the screen protector 'covering' from the sticky side of the screen protector and put that side down on the phone. Then I use the squeegee to push the screen protector down, which also helps the 'covering' pull away from the protector. This seems to minimize bubbles for me. Good luck!
  • swl7 Level 1 Level 1
    my method seems to work so I guess I'll tell you.
    - When you peel off the plastic off the protector, make sure that you don't peel the entire plastic piece off.
    - You want to sort of attach a little piece of the protector on, then using a credit card or plastic card, push down the protector along your screen as you peel off the plastic at the same time. (this is probably very confusing without seeing)

    if you want, maybe I can find a video of someone doing it like that or I'll make a video. Let me know
  • greg harvell Level 1 Level 1
    no, i know exactly what you are saying...will give it a try..
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    Hi Greg,
    I've done this time and time again with much success. If you use a very small 'puff' of talcum powder (Johnson and Johnson's baby powder or the like), you won't get any air bubbles. To the discerning eye, you will see a slight haze at first, but it will alleviate all your woes without all the squeegee fumbling and exact placement. I have an Otterbox, when I disassemble and reassemble, I start by picking up the talc. Grab the container, and squeeze, notice that a puff of powder comes out slightly (if it doesn't, turn the container over to get some powder 'primed' in the holes). You don't want to overdo the puff, so make the talc come out lightly. As the powder passes through the air, pass the iphone screen through it's path. Then you'll see the fine talc particle haze attached to the screen. Take the protector and apply. Voila! No more air bubbles. Let me know if that works for you...
  • greg harvell Level 1 Level 1
    very cool will give it a shot
  • swl7 Level 1 Level 1
    ah here I found a video (not mine) but this is pretty much how I do it, and it works every time leaving no bubbles. If it does leave bubbles you can use that same plastic card to push it out to the edge. Give a little pressure, it won't hurt the screen.

  • Scott P. Level 6 Level 6
    Hiya Greg!
    The no glare screen protectors I picked up at the Apple Store came with a pre installation film. It was basically a super sticky white film that lifted all the dust (and presumably any oils) off the screen. After that the instructions were just as everyone else has said: Lay down one edge, slowly peel back the rest, and help it fall into place with a Starbucks card. Smoothing as you go is key. So is being in a dust and pollen free room. One little speck and you have an air bubble.

    Near the end I often get one or two small ones, but those are easy enough to work out. My normal method is not to squeeze them to the edge, but rather towards either the speaker or home button cutout. Not sure why, but that seems to work a bit easier for me.
  • BryC Level 1 Level 1
    Spray your fingers is the best secret, and ensure you have washed your hands with a detergent.
  • Joe Z in VA Level 2 Level 2
    Another one is through companies like IvySkin. They are soon to release an i4 case that has the protector pre-installed. After wiping down the i4, you crack open the Ivyskin case and carefully put the i4 in between and seal it up without touching the IvySkin case from the inside. Voila. You have the case and screen protector added.
  • Category 5 Level 1 Level 1
    If it's an anti glare type (or the crystal version of the same) with the silicone layer instead of adhesive then you should clean the screen of dust and oil and use some scotch tape to get any stubborn dust off the screen. Then lay the protector on the screen at the edge and let the silicone layer come in contact with the screen. It will adheres almost like it's wet. Any dust will create an air pocket but don't fret. You can use the tape to lift an edge near the bubble and then another piece to lift the dust from either the screen or protector. Eventually you will get the protector to sit on the screen almost invisibly.

    The zagg shield and best skins ever type are more difficult to do without liquid. Use about a quarter teaspoon of dish soap with a little over a cup of water and wet your fingers with it. Peel off the shield and dip it in the liquid and then let it drip off. Once it is just mildly wet lay it on a cleaned screen and you will be able to reposition it for about 5 minutes. Gently squeeze all air bubbles to the edge and use a paper towl to absorb the excess liquid. It should be easy to smooth the screen from center to edge and remove all the bubbles. Let the screen sit for about an hour to set up. Over the next couple of days the protector will shrink up and become clearer until it is almost perfect. It seems these types of protectors will always have an orange peel look unlike the silicone adhesive type, but they both protect well.

    I have done many of both types and have perfected the application of both. I prefect the silicone type for the screen because there is no orange peel. But i use the best skins ever to protect the back and sides and love them. Good luck
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    greg harvell wrote:
    Are there any tricks to putting screen protectors on. I have used on Zapp and threw it away and three ifrogzs, could not get them on without the bubbles and even after using the enclosed squeegees, still could not get bubbles out…

    Any suggestion’s

    how long are you waiting before you pull the screen protector off? If there is no dust under the bubbles, they will settle. It can take up to 24 hours for airbubbles to work themselves out.
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