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Here are 2 different types of Micro SIM from O2. http://flic.kr/p/8fgmiE Note the difference in the size of the circuit.
I've been using the Micro SIM with the larger circuit. It was given to me in the O2 store when I bought the iPhone. Like many others, I'm getting the 'No SIM Installed' error message. The SIM with the larger circuit makes contact with the metal iPhone SIM holder. Is this the cause of the problem, does is short the SIM out?
I've just swapped my number over to the other Micro SIM with the smaller circuit (O2 posted me this one for registering my interest in the iPhone 4).

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    I also had the same problem with the no sim issue and I went to 02 and got a new sim which had a smaller chip in it which didn't touch the metal of the tray which can only be a good thing.
    so far so good!! my guess is some networks sent out sims which were not appropriate for the handset, I know two people who have iphone 4 on vodafone and they both have the sim with the smaller chip and as yet they have not had this issue!!
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    I added the Micro SIM with the smaller circuit and within 24 hours i've had 2 occasions where the 'No SIM Installed' error message has come up. So i'm back to using the 'Airport Mode' trick to regain connection to the carrier.

    My conclusion so far is that this isn't a carrier or SIM problem, it's definitely the phone.

    Is this problem connected to the other 'Signal' issue that Apple has owned up to?
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    I haven't had the no sim error back yet after installing the sim with the smaller chip 24 hours ago, i will watch closely to see if this returns which seems likely from other posts, I have an appointment with Apple next week so if it happens before then at least I will know for sure and I will be requesting a replacement!!
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    So when is Apple going 2 fix this problem? I have tried the airplane mode switch & popping out my sim card and I still keep getting the error. It's VERY annoying!!!!
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    I had my sim changed out by AT&T yesterday. They told me that they didnt have any iphone 4's in stock so i needed to go to apple to have them look at it. I showed apple that the sim was changed and they immediately ordered me a new iphone 4. It will be in the store in about 3 days. So for now, i have to switch to airplane mode to make this phone work. Apple better fix this. WE all paid enough money for the phone, it should work properly!
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    I went to the Regent Street flagship Apple store to see a genius
    (after a 5 day wait for an appointment, followed by another hour to 'register'). ' Genius' says swap the sim, you have the small metal bit, you need the large metal connector. In other words the exact opposite of what others here have tried. Had to queue in Oxford street O2 for an hour, only to find what this forum says - the no sim error occurs in my phone with both types of micro sim from O2. This issue
    appears to be a hardware issue with the actual phone.
    Apple are really treating there customers with disrespect by withholding this information and wasting so many hours of our time and effort trying to fix something they should be taking care of. 660 pounds for a phone that doesn't phone! I can't even get UPS to return it because every time the call to arrange the phone cuts me off with no sim!!!
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    Hello. Seems that I’ve found solution for this problem. I wrote simple instruction how to fix it. It’s in russian, but you can read it by google translate. Here it is: http://translate.google.ru/translate?hl=ru&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F9 0WIHc
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    looks like the previous link, you mentioned, in russian was just taken from the source here: http://wooservers.com/20100710/fixing-iphone-4g-no-sim-installed-problem/
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    No, they've taken my photos and made a translation of method which I described in russian.
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    The different size chips on the sim cards as per this picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/dncreative/4755923304/ seem to b the issue. I've swapped to SIM card number three with a smaller chip and this seems to have solved the issue.
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    I lied, started happening again just got a replacement at the apple store.
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    Ok - after 6 attempts at removing / cleaning / re-inserting with no luck. Still got "No SIM Installed". A friend said to try a pencil eraser to clean the contacts on the SIM card. WORKED