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I have tried several battery monitoring apps, and they show what apps are running in the background. Is there a way to force the unwanted apps to shutdown, or is there an app that can do this?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    Double-tap the Home button to show which apps are currently active. Touch and hold an app icon to start them jiggling and make the delete X appear. Tap the X to shut that app down. I know it looks like you're deleting the app, but as long as you're in the Open Apps section (like a file drawer at the bottom of the screen) you're just shutting them off. Double-tab the Home button again to go back to the regular mode.
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    Double-tapping the Home butons brings up the Recently Used Apps or the Recents List

    See the iOS4 Manual:

    And from iOS 4: About multitasking

    From Apple's webpage on multitasking:

    The Apps shown in the *Recently Used Apps* list, are NOT all running in the background.

    Only Apps that have been specifically updated for iOS 4 compatibility to use one of the new multitasking services (Voice over IP, background audio, background location) can be running in the background. Any others are simply frozen in memory using iOS 4's Fast App Switching.

    Apps that have not been updated for iOS 4 cannot run in the background AT ALL. They are simply listed in the *Recently Used Apps* list, because you have used them recently. They do not need to be removed or shut down.