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So tonight my iPhone crashed without reason, I wasn't running any apps. I had just finished showing off how co the face time chatting is when it crashed. Now I'm trying to reboot it by holding the sleep and home button for like 10 sec and getting no change in screen. The only thing I'm noticing is that the back of my phone is heating up!
Anyone have any thoughts or siggestions? I'm thinking about taking it back to the apple store when I get home.

Iphone4, iOS 4
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    If it's the iPhone 4 coma then you may need to do the hard reset a couple of times and for a bit longer than 10 secs - mine does the 4 to 5 times a day it crashes.
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    I have tried that several times to no change. Any other thoughts??
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    I got my iphone 4 yesterday and it crashes when you put it in standby or leave it to go off itself. Have done a full restore with no change - any comments?
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    If you can't get it show the Apple logo or any signs of turning on by pressing the home and sleep/wake buttons, you likely have a serious hardware failure. If you haven't jailbroken or hacked the phone, make an appt. with an Apple Store Genius Bar
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    Same problem here. Random crashes and turning off unexpectedly. Difficult to restart. Have to hold down power and home buttons in varying order until finally it decides restart. Can take up to 10 mins. Have done two restores from backup and then one clean restore as some have had success with this. Still no change for me. The essential thing a mobile phone should do is stay on. I suspect updated apps using background services may be the cause (or the way iOS 4 interactions with these apps). Guess a call to Apple it will have to be then.
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    I am also having the same issues described. It seems that sometimes after going to sleep the phone won't wake up again. 2 or 3 attempts at a home+sleep button combo to restart the phone are required. Has anyone resolved this issue. I am on 4.0.2.
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    ANY problems like that and it's off to the Genius bar for an instant replacement! If your phone is constantly crashing or turning off or anything remotely similar then ALWAYS demand a replacement. I find it helps to stress how important the phone is for your business and how a faulty phone is costing you money every day. You didn't pay good money for a phone that doesn't work as advertised, yada yada yada.....apart from anything else this is totally true!
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    I had the same issue this morning. Created a new playlist with one song so it would play one song then quit. Before the song finished, the sound stopped, a check of the phone showed the iPod still counting as thought the song were playing. Pause/Play. FF/Rewind. No change. Power off the phone, then attempt to restart and the Apple logo will show for maybe 2 seconds while attached to my computer, but nothing else happens. Phone does not restart after multiple attempts. Looks like I'll be visiting a Genius soon.
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    Still having the same issue. Apple is sending me to the carrier, the carrier is sending me to apple. Never realised how bad the service from Apple could be until now.