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  • metalrocker Level 1 (40 points)

    What was the point of insulting me?  To feel better about yourself?   ("Yes I think you are missing capability to understand the inconvinience and frustration people expressing here after they lost something valuble.")


    First off.. Drop any of these big screen smart phones and in some cases the glass screen WILL break, or be damaged.  The HTC/Samsung phones will split open and be damaged.  I don't know of any other MFG that will give you a new/refurb phone for $150... Also keep in mind that apple replaced many cracked iPhone 4 devices for free at no cost to the customer.  (people walk in nice, they get treated nice.  walk in the store with an attitude and see where it goes)


    The point I was trying to make, is that the iPhone IS more durable than the other devices out there.  The glass might make it look worse cosmetically when you damage it, but having sold all the brands and devices the iPhones had a low RMA rate compared to everything else. 


    If you drop your laptop.. or wreck your car... who will you blame?


    This all comes down to people not taking responsibility for thier actions.  If you drop your phone and it breaks... It's YOUR fault, not Apples.. Don't like that it's glass?  Than why did you buy it?  Get a case, get a different phone... but don't blame your mistake on the people that made it.



    Also... For those worried about damageing their device in general the big carriers have insurance for $6-8 a month that will have you covered. Saw it save many people

  • aplmwright Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I do think they should repair it for free, or at least a more reasonable price. I bought the phone with the understanding that it would hold up to reasonable use -- which includes, in the case of a cell phone, the occasional drop. Especially if you consider Apple's claims about the glass: "Made from the same materials used in helicopters and high-speed trains, the Retina display glass is chemically strengthened to be harder, more scratch resistant, and more durable than ever."


    So if it completely shatters within the first couple months of use because I dropped it 2 feet, this doesn't hold up to their claims. It's a defect in the design, the manufacturing, or both, and should at least be covered by the 1 year warranty. Instead, your warranty voids as soon as it happens, and Apple makes profit by repairing it for a hefty fee.


    It's a good window into Apple's current philosophy on customer service.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)

    You can find several 3rd party sites that will REPAIR it for a lower price, or you can order the parts and REPAIR it yourself. As has been pointed out several times, Apple does not repair it (with the exception of the back glass) they replace it.


    If you notice through the threads here, everyone who has broken one here has only dropped it 2 feet and always on something soft. Just like people stopped for DWI have only had 2 beers. Given the 250 million or so iPhones sold there really hasn't been that high of reports of breakage, no more than would be expected for a glass electronics device. And as has been said several times all of the smartphones with glass screens are more prone to breakage when dropped than a simple phone or a smartphone with a keyboard.

  • SrinKandula Level 1 (0 points)

    My response was not to insult you, it's an answer to your original question("Am I missing something here?"). But if you think my answer is insulting so does your question.


    I'm not saying apple giving a refurbished phone for 150$ is unfiar in all cases. The offer unfair for people whose phone is still working fine but the screen is shattered. As I said before they can charge more if there is an internal damage. I'm saying replacement is not the option I choose. Why doesn't apple spend time on fixing my own phone screen which may be less than 50$ since the other 3rd party sites are offering the replacement screen for 30$?


    Do you think if I drop my laptop or wreck my car they offer replacement? I wish they do . They inspect the damage and give me a quote for the repairs needed.


    If people are not taking responsibility of their actions they don't even come here and start a discussion here. I do take the responsibility of my action and ready for the repairs needed for my phone. My phone's screen has got a tiny crack on the front screen and the phone it self works fine. I don't think the repair cost should not cost 150$.


    BTW AT&T refused to offer insurance for iPhone. Which carrier you are talking about?

  • metalrocker Level 1 (40 points)

    ATT used to offer it, I guess they stopped?  Verizon has TEC which I think $6.99 a month - covers theft accidents etc.   Verizon is a huge upgrade from ATT.... if they have good service in your area I highly reccomend them.

  • brittanystj Level 1 (0 points)

    What store in Pittsburgh did this?

  • raphowl Level 1 (0 points)

    iPhone 4s screen is equally fragile.  I bumped it fairly lightly on the edge of a desk in my trouser pocket, with bumper and screen protector on it, and it shattered horredously.  If I hadn;t had the screen protector on it, I'd have a tonne glass in my nether regions.  Very dissapointed, never broken a phone ever before I am so careful.  I have seperate insurance but styill going to cost me £50 excess.  Oh the priviliges of owning an iphone!

  • AstroMacMan Level 2 (295 points)

    Fascinating thread!  As someone who had a Palm PDA fall out of his shirt pocket--and had it shatter--I have been a big fan of decently priced extended warranties that cover accidental damage.  Palm offered one and when I bought a new PDA, I added it.  It provided a free of charge replacement--one drop incident--which was great.


    As to the iPhone, I use a low-end Nokia *flip* cell phone, for exactly the reason that I realized it would be all too easy to drop a phone and have it crack.  I have dropped the hard-shell Nokia several times from 4-5 feet and never had a problem.  I would never, ever believe that an iPhone or any smart phone with a glass screen would survive that.  In fact, I wouldn't believe that the screen would survive a bang against a desk or a kid dropping something on it.  It's glass and glass breaks.  (A bumper protects the outside not the glass.)


    I think it's wonderful that Apple has often replaced screens and phones for free--but that's gravy.  I certainly would never kvetch about their not providing free fixes--or fault them for charging a decent-sized amount of money for a refurbished replacement.  They have specific policies and they're easily researchable.


    You have to assume that your phone will be dropped and the screen will shatter--and be prepared with what to do about it--and to research what Apple or any other company will do about it----before hand.  So, while I'm one of the first that argues corporations need to take grater responsibility for shoddy products, pollution, violating labor rights, and monopoly practices,  I come down on the side of personal responsibility when it comes to phone damage from drops.  That's why Square Trade and Apple Care+ exist!

  • wirelin3 Level 1 (0 points)

    I guess we have people for and against Apple for the fragile screen of the iPhone 4S....however i used to have an iPhone 3G which i used for amost 3 years and went through all kinds of abuse...dropping on the floor and even on the road but nothing happened to it. Even the few scrates after 3 years were not noticible.


    Then I got the 4S recently and just one week after it slipped from my lap to the floor....hardly 1 foot distance...and the screen at one corner broke.


    So my simple question is if the 3G was so tough there is definitely a design flaw in the 4S and the screen has major design issues with respect to quality. This simple but huge difference in the 3G and 4S cannot be ignored and clearly proves that APPLE has made a mistake....!

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    For those who have had their phone repaired for free:

    How did you convince them to give you a free repair?

    And did you have apple care plus? because I don't

    I am really upset because I have had the phone for 5 days, I dropped from 2 feet(w/o a case) and it cracked.

    If someone would respond it would really help me

  • Farrahxo Level 1 (0 points)

    IMG_6535.JPGListen I have verizon and I was never offered apple care plus and when confronting verizon the guy told us to go to the apple store. We went there and were told back to verizon because we bought it with them.

    We went back to verizon and spoke to the manager. The manager talked to the salesman and he was a complete jerk who lied straight to her face. And of course the manager believed the salesman, so let's just say i recieved no help, but having a verizon manager scream at me.


  • Cd-maj Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing just happened with my iphone 4S. I think Im just going to buy the replacement and fix it myself.

  • AstroMacMan Level 2 (295 points)

    Go back to the Apple store and try a different genius explaining your situation.


    You could also try a different Verizon outlet.


    You could also call Apple Care and try them... they're often very helpful.


    These lessons are hard ones... I had a Palm PDA fall out of my front shirt pocket and the entire screen broke-- no longer operational at all!!   Your iPhone reminds me of our new, now 10 year old car, that has some front bumper scraps and scratches... it doesn't look very good, but the fix is hundreds of dollars.  No way!


    In fact, we've found it useful as it helps identify the car in a sea of similar ones.


    Think of it this way... your iPhone has character!  And, if it is still working, that's great. 


    Oh, it occurs to me... you could get an Otter Box Defender case for it... or even a lower end Otterbox cover... those silcone cases slip over the entire front of the phone and you'll never see the banged up edge again!

  • JonathanParis0 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I have a somewhat damaged iphone 4s, supprisingly i've dropped it a number of times, never dropped a phone in my life before but it likes to slide out of my pockey when i enter my car, falling onto the street...without a case. My question is what is the best way to have the complete case(both sides, etc..) repaired? i know i'm going to have to pay for it, just wondering how much and if anyone knows a good place to go? again the screen is not cracked, just lots of little scratches on each corner( you could say i have OCD), love the phone, want it to look perfect! Appreciate any advise

  • Grivedko Level 1 (0 points)



    Yesterday I replaced the glass in the 4s, but the HOME button was hanging out and is slightly lower than the main body.

    Who encountered this problem and how to solve it?

    Disassemble the iPhone is not difficult, but what exactly to do with the button?


    Thank you.

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