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    I see that's clear thanks dude

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    not a dude but you're welcome.

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    **** NO

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    Your warranty will continue with the new phone, say you have 290 days left, the replacement will have 290 days left. Of you have a third party replace the device you will be out of luck with apple. By doing that you are removing the ability to even do a 199 replacement because they use old parts again to help subsidize the cost -- can't exactly use 3rd party parts. Save yourself the hassle, go to apple.

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    It is a shame and accidents do happen BUT how is it Apple fault????

    If you break you car windsheild is it Ford or Honda's fault???

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    Why buy the phone if it is so fragile??


    I am sorry your phone broke especially so soon after you bought it BUT how is it Apple responsibility???


    I really don't understand why so many people have this sense of entitlment because the guy that sold you the phone didnt try to sell you a protective case??? if he did try to sell you the ase you would probably be complaining about Apple's strong arm salespeople.




    Accidents certainly do happen but it's not Apple's fault you were to cheap to spend the money on Applecare.

    My brother in law just broke his phone today he never once thought "Apple ***** because I dropped my phone"

    or that they should give him a new free one.

    His is only 6 months

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    you better read these *******

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    I understand that I broke my phone, and im willing to pay to fix it. Im not asking for anything for free. The problem is that Apple charges 200 dollars for something that is cheap and easy to fix. I could replace the screen myself, but im not up for voiding my warranty and I dont want anything to go wrong.

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    Well that is certainly a different argument for lack of a better word and I would tend to agree that's a lot of money to replace the LCD but from what I have read you already have voided your warranty because the damage so why not give it a shot and replace it yourself?

    You were certainly not who I was thinking of when I wrote that post it's the people complaining that they have to pay to fix a phone they broke you obviously have taken responsibility for yourself and you have a right to complain about what they charge to fix it but what can you do?


    It may not be accurate about the warranty but I have seen it said in several places not sure if that's the case if you pay the $200 for Apple to fix it that would seem unfair.


    Good luck

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    By tampering with the phone you take away your eligibility to get a $200 replacement. So, if you try yourself and it breaks, apple will not give you the option to pay $200 for a new one.

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    How do you know the person was careless? In the OP's case, how do you know that the pocket wasn't poorly made or that somebody didn't bump into her with enough force for the phone to slip from the pocket?


    I understand that manufactorers don't usually cover accidental damage, and there are usually good grounds for that, but that's no reason for you to be rude.


    In this particular case, it's questionable whether Apple has good grounds for not covering these kinds of damage. They are advertising a screen that is "harder" and "more durable" than ever and yet there is a much higher percentage of iPhone owners reporting this kind of breakage than with previous models. Previous iPhones were made with Gorilla Glass, which is supposed to be a very durable and not easily broken material. If ordinary bullets slipped/ripped right through kevlar vests, I think the manufactorer would have some explaining to do.

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    What makes you think the current screen is not made of Gorilla Glass, which was developed (based on an older and unused formula) specifically for the iPhone? Apple has never advertised it was gorilla glass and it has never been listed on Corning's site.


    What research do you have access to that shows that a higher percentage of iPhone 4 and 4s users are reporting breakage than on previous phones?


    Actually all you have is a bunch of unsubstantiated speculation which isn't even permitted on this site.

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    The iPhone IS more durable?  I have had an iPhone for 6 months, and have more crack in my screen than I have with any of my phones, including two androids.  I replaced my phone a few weeks ago with insurance because of a crack interfering with the usability of my phone screen, to have a perfect phone for a few hours.  I went to work, a fast food restaurant, and when I was leaving work I walked outside with phone in hand to watch the screen crack literally from temperature change.  I live in Pennsylvania, out of a 72 degree building to 78 degree night time weather  to have a screen crack.  I have dropped my other phones, sat on them, even thrown them and have not had a screen shatter, crack, or take damage like my iPhone 4s.  I think it is funny you said MORE durable.

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    If you can convince Apple that your screen actually cracked because of 6 degrees temperature difference, I am sure Apple will replace it for you for free. The problem is how you're going to convince them? I know I don't believe it. Sorry, dude.

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    if you check out kijiji or a local classified ad site you can usually find someone who repairs iphone screens for cheap. my hubby cracked his screen and a guy replaced it for 75 bucks. i wish iphone would make their screens more durable since this seems to be one of the biggest problems with the iphone. i don't know why people are worried about it effecting their warranty considering the warranty doesn't seem to cover anything that happens to these iphones.

    for some cheap protective cases check out lightinthebox or miniinthebox, i've bought cases from them several times and have never had a problem with my phone, wish my hubby would use a case!!!

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