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Last night, all of a sudden, I was clicking something and the trackpad got stuck down and wouldn't "unclick." I literally couldn't press the trackpad down again because it didn't pop back up.

I let it cool off and this morning it does pop back up, but I think there might be something under there because the clicking is not as resilient as it usually is. Also, the top part of my trackpad still won't click. For now, I've switched to tapping to click instead of actually clicking, but I prefer actually clicking.

I have the extended 3 year warranty, and I would assume that this is covered under the warranty (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that), but since it's working now, should I just leave well enough alone, or should I send it in to see what they can do about it? Better yet, is there anything I can do about fixing it without sending it in, because I really don't want to be without my macbook for that long if I don't have to be...

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13" Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Is this a MBP model with a removable battery? They've been known to swell causing trackpad problems. If removable, take it out and run on AC adapter only. Does the trackpad now function correctly?
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    No. it's the 13 in Macbook Pro with the aluminum unibody
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    Would be best you have this checked out at the apple store. IF the problem returns after your warranty expires then it may not be so good.

    Also, the track pad is kind of hinged at the top edge. So at the very top edge it is harder to press and click as opposed to at the lower edge. You can click from about 1cm from the top edge, but not at the very top edge.
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    The closest apple store is 2 1/2 miles away and I don't own a car.

    The trackpad is starting to work a little better now, but I can tell there's something off about it. Should I just leave well enough alone for now and just wait to see if it happens again? I still have 2 years on my warranty left...
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    I am having the same problem - my mid 2010 13" MBP's trackpad can not be clicked down all the way, but only on the left side. It is harder to press, makes a hollower sound (implying that it isn't going down all the way), and most of the time doesn't always click. This problem randomly occurred this morning when on battery power after about 5-10 minutes of usage, and I don't think I did anything to make it happen.

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    Relyt: Advice to you is exactly the same — take it in and have it looked at. It's not right, and needs to be fixed.
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    rpfeiffer: There are billions of people in the world who don't have an Apple store within 2.5 miles of them. Count yourself lucky, and take a walk over there with your MBP.
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    Yeah I wish I had an Apple store that close. That is not far to walk unless you have a medical condition or severe heart problems. Call a cab?
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    My trackpad on my late 2008 Macbook Pro also often (sometimes all the time...) selects everything on the screen where the mouse cursor is at that time.
    Really annoying, because it just keep clicking and selecting, so moves windows, change cursor position during typing and lots more annoying things.

    BUT I don't think my / the problem is software related !!!!!
    I have my Macbook now for little over 2 years, and what I suspect is that the housing of the Macbook (to the left and right of the trackpad) is bending down towards the bottom of the laptop (so towards your legs if the laptop is just sitting in your lap). Maybe it's material fatigue or it becomes softer when it becomes warm/hot because of the battery....

    It sometimes gets so worse that I just have to touch the long edge of the laptop soooooo very gentle, with one finger, and it responds as a mouse click.

    The problem comes and goes. Sometimes its not there for weeks, and other times its there for a long time.
    Really annoying because the laptop is now over 2 years old, and I don't think I have warranty anymore.... (and also because it is the "old" all silver Macbook Pro 17" and they don't make these anymore. And I like the look of it better then the new line of Macbook's.

    Ideas anyone ?????
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    I have the same problem

    I just got my MBP a month ago, aluminum unicase i7

    the trackpad randomly gets stuck on drag mode, i am not sure if its the update that caused this

    but its very annoying, this is my first mac and am already really annoyed by this.

    Clicking randomly around for a while solves the problem but thats no permanent fix.

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    Turning off inertia or toggling any other setting will NOT correct this issue, as multiple other people have reported. I've tried everything, and a few times I thought I'd "fixed" it, but it always came back.

    Thursday night I reinstalled OS X (clean install after a backup), ran software update and installed everything BUT the multi-touch update, and I haven't experienced the issue once - compared to multiple times a day, each day, since having previously installed the update. I sent this feedback to Apple, along with the previous data captured by the diagnostic software they sent me.

    Soooo...if you must, as I did, a clean reinstall will restore your trackpad to working order.

    PS - I had tried a "lazy" reinstall prior to the "clean" reinstall. It didn't work.
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    Mine is also having the same issues. The mousepad acts as if there is always another finger on the mousepad and it always is trying to highlight eveything or drag everything thinking it is clicked down. I do not have the time to send it away so I have been trying to figure out the issue, seems to be a hardware issue to me, but i have no idea. I also need this laptop for school every day of the week so can't afford to send it away to get new mousepad!

    The only way i have been able to get out of it also is by clicking randomly, works better with two finger click, many many times. VERY annoying. If you get any info please let me know!

    Also if i should contact apple with this issue let me know how to describe it, or if there is a way to get this out there better that would help.