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lmp9271 Level 1 Level 1
I have a 2GB 2nd Generation iPod nano, which actually holds about 1.78GB of "stuff" on it. My iTunes library currently has about 1.74 GB of just songs in it and will not let me add any more. I need to be able to add a significant number of more audio files created. I have never backed-up my library, and have been unable to even burn a simple playlist to a CD, though it could have been because the CD was damaged. Also,I've had my iPod for more than four years, but have never registered it, and "manage" the library manually. Does anyone know how to increase the iTunes library capacity beyond the amount the iPod holds without having to buy a new iPod?

Windows Vista
  • Stephen Spark Level 4 Level 4
    I have over 1TB of audio and video in my iTunes library syncing to 3 iPods and 2 Apple TVs including a 16GB nano. The iPod has nothing to do with how larger your iTunes Media Library can be. You should be able to add as much media files to iTunes as your computer's hard drive or connected external drives can hold. You then use the manually manage or selective syncing settings to manage a smaller iPod.
  • Axel Foley Level 5 Level 5
    The iTunes library can be as large as your Hard Drive. It is not controlled by your iPod's capacity. I think your iPod is filled to near capacity and therefore you are unable to move your music/video files from iTunes.

    Axel F.