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I have a 3G (bought it one month before the 3GS came out... lame! But what're you gonna do). Overall very happy with it; would like to update to 4.0 but I think I can be patient and wait till 2011 and get the even better one.

Anyways, so like a lot of folks I've been trying to update my 3G to the latest software. What happens is the update stalls in the backing up process... the progress barely even started and just kind of stopped. I waited an hour, no progress, then looked on these forums and saw that people were waiting many hours with no progress, so I cancelled the update.

I like the folders idea (oranizer's dream!) but other than that, are there any real benefits to updating to iOS4 right now? Should I wait for the "debugged" version that's sure to come out in a while?

Also, who else has had similar problems to me with updating their 3G to the latest software? Who has been successful and how has your iPhone improved since updating?


iPhone OS 3.0
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    I'm in the same boat as yourself: own a 3G, and just upgraded to iOS4. My two cents: do NOT upgrade your 3G to iOS 4.0. As an organization freak myself, I understand where you're coming from wanting the folders. But I assure you, you will be met with EXTREMELY slow applications, quickly-depleting battery, and constant freezes. For the past hour, I have been installing applications hoping to revert back to 3.1.3.

    I went into an Apple Store yesterday to ask if this was a common problem, and three specialists immediately said YES; the consensus was that the Phone 3G simply can't handle iOS4. Do a bit more research - I assure you you'll read dozens of stories attesting to this!

    As for your question, no, there really are no other benefits to iOS4 on a 3G. You won't be able to change the main wallpaper, and wont be able to multi-task. Still, it's your iPhone. But I encourage you to ponder just how important it is to have those folders...

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    I have a 3G iphone and I upgraded to iOS4.... can you get rid of it? My phone hasn't worked well since I installed it. On top of that I'm waiting for this company to release the new iphone in Canada so I can buy it and still no word on when it might be available.
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    Here is what I posted to another thread regarding my experience with the 4.0 software.

    "I just wanted to add my 2 cents here. I haven't posted to these forums in years, but after reading about the myriad problems people are having with the 4.0 software on their 3G iPhones, I wanted to chime in and tell of my experience. I was sitting at my computer waiting on the day the software was released (yeah, I know it's pathetic--I don't have a job right now so I can do such things). I was VERY excited about the software. I wanted the folders. I knew I wouldn't get multitasking, but it was fine, as I bought the 3G knowing that iPhones didn't multitask. So, I downloaded the software, and it took about 3 hours for the phone to install the new software. I waited patiently. When the software finally finished installing, I was very happy with it. I must note I did a clean install of the new software. I have my contacts, photos, and music backed up to my Mac, so losing those was no problem. Also, I delete SMS messages soon after receiving them (if they contain pertinent information I make a note of it elsewhere), so I had no problems with losing any of those.

    So, I was very happy, and made my new folders, and used the phone about a week with no problems. It was only after a week that I began to notice a lag. It got progressively worse, even though I did reset the phone several times a day. I read on the forums of the problems people were having with the update on their 3G phones. I realized that I was very lucky, as I had no major problems, other than the lag after a week. The lag I was experiencing is nothing compared to some of the horror stories I have read on the forum.

    Yesterday morning I decided to downgrade to 3.1.3. I used an article I found on lifehacker.com (the link has been posted in this thread--not sure if it's been removed or not yet). I had a few qualms about downgrading the software. Still, I wanted my old software back. To be honest, the folders began to look quite ugly after a week. I decided I liked the old software better, so I followed the article step-by-step. I had no problems whatsoever. The process went great, and when it was over, I had my 3.1.3 software back! I had my speedy 3G phone back! I was happy!

    So, if you have any doubts about downgrading, I'm here to tell you that it went fine for me. I would recommend it to those who are having problems with 4.0. Yeah, I know it's not an official remedy from Apple, but I was tired of my laggy phone, and I didn't want to wait on an official remedy (as it appears Apple doesn't care anyway)."


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    I really just want to get rid of it. It is crippling my NYTimes App....
    If you know how, please let me know. I will purchase the new Iphone 4, should it ever arrive in Canada so this is just temporary.
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    jbk63 wrote:
    I really just want to get rid of it. It is crippling my NYTimes App....
    If you know how, please let me know. I will purchase the new Iphone 4, should it ever arrive in Canada so this is just temporary.

    Search Google for downgrade instructions.
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    A downgrade back to 3.1.3 is what I intend to do.
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    No, you should not upgrade. It slows ur iPhone down a lot and can ruins pictures/apps. I think the best part about the update is the folders and the cool wallpapers it comes with lol
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    Wow. Guess I won't be updating anytime soon. Hopefully Apple fixes this software with a later update, otherwise this sort of finishes off the 3G.
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    Let me add an unequivocal "No, it is most assuredly not worth it." I was excited for two things: folders and iBooks. As a result, my 3g is now a sluggish, crash-prone, quasi-useless brick. Here are some times:

    Loading iPod app: 20 seconds
    Loading (and being able to page through) an iBook: 45 seconds

    The lock screen routinely becomes unresponsive. Doing things like turning on the ringer will now sometimes cause the phone to stutter/freeze. Text entry in emails and Safari sometimes hangs so badly that I start to shake with rage.

    All they had to do was type a line in to the beginning of the iOS4 release notes that said something like, "You know what, gang, in a perfect vacuum, with a frictionless surface, iOS4 should work on a 3G, but we really don't recommend that you upgrade." Seriously, I would have saved myself the headache.

    The cynic in me feels like there was at least a measure of planned obsolescence behind this software release. Ugh. I've had this phone for 2 years and I have LOVED it until the past three weeks.
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    I had same identical situation as kaiserd3 and will keep what I have. No upating here.
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    I wished I had never upgraded my 3G to OS4. Many of my apps don't work correctly, if at all. The overall speed of my iPhone has drastically decreased. I am baffled as to why Apple even allowed OS4 on the iPhone 3G. What were they thinking? Apparently they didn't test it on this device as thoroughly as they claimed.
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    Of course they tested it "thoroughly" on the 3G phones. They aren't stupid. They knew it would degrade most of the "old" phones to the point of being useless. But, no problem, they have a "fix". They'll sell you a brand new 4.0 phone. It is definitely planned obsolescence through forced software upgrade.
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    Well, I upgraded before everyone sent their responses and I totally regret it. It's slow, eats power like no tomorrow. Yes it would be nice to upgrade to an iphone4 but IT ISN'T AVAILABLE IN CANADA.... AND ALL WE GET FROM THE PHONE COMPANY IS.... that it's coming SOON! ... can you hear my frustration?

    So if anyone is thinking about upgrading the software on their 3G.. think again.

    I have to say how much I LOVED this company before this moment. They seemed to do everything right. But I am talking past tense. This upgrade (ruins my phone) and the delay in Canada for the release of the new Iphone is not what I expect from Apple.

    I expect better.