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Reading about issues with the 3G and iOS4 upgrades. Should I upgrade? I have 3 3G iPhones in the household.

The features in iOS4 I am most excited about is the syncing of Notes with the mail client and the zoom for the camera. I am sure the other features are nice and I will find some more useful when I start using them than I imagine right now.

However, I do not want to screw up my phone (which functions as my business phone) if it is unnecessary to do.

Let me know the opinions out there...especially if you had no issues with the upgrade (because usually you only hear of the issues on this board).

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • gdgmacguy Level 6 Level 6 (19,575 points)
    Only you can decide that question. Sounds like you know the potential benefits as well as the risks. Only you can now determine if to you the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • dvscrobe Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)
    I am a firm believer in having the current software available. I have upgraded my daughter's iTouch and my iPhone. It is a long process. It is importatnt to transfer new purchases from the iPhone to iTunes first. Synch it, upgrade it and synch it again. Both units are working great. I was hoping that the Notes would have the ability to sort alphabetically on iOS4. I did notice the ability to synch up your Notes to your mail client, and I thought that was cool. But I don't use that feature as much. The biggest things I love is multitasking, so Pandora can keep playing and the ability to make folders.
  • drgar Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I don't think you want to upgrade. There is not much of a difference between ios4 and the older software. Ios4 slows your iPhone down a lot and may ruin pictures/apps. The best thing about it is the folders and the cool backgrounds it comes with lol
  • Jon Markle Level 2 Level 2 (150 points)
    From my experience NO! Not until they fix the bugs.

    I cannot synch any thing, except m ugly, and even then I loose things. Fortunately I took steps to back up everything elsewhere apart from iPhone and iCal and notes. I am now trying to decide to downgrade back to 3.13 if a fix does not come through soon.
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    I thought you can't downgrade
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    If you have an iphone 3G it will slow it down too much. The 3GS is ok
  • apple'skool Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    It will slow the 3G down too much!! The 3GS is ok though...
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    Hi. The user that enjoyed the multitasking has obviously got a 3GS, which is apparently fine on iOS4. I've upgraded my 3G (took about 4 hours!) and am regretting it already. It only offers very few features, notably Folders for Apps, but not multi-tasking or customised screen, these are only supported on later models. I wish there was a way to go back to the previous version, the only ones I've come across seem pretty much unsupported and include modifying code in the phone manually, not what most non-techies want to attempt for themselves. The biggest problem is that it's really slow, keeps stalling, takes ages to open apps, even Calendar, and as my main work phone I'm now finding it really frustrating. Come on Apple, please allow an official return to v3!
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    I have also upgraded my 3G to iOS4 presuming it would improve things and it now runs so slowly. Even opening Contacts is an effort and it takes far too long for the calendar to appear. I would revert back to the previous version if was made available. There are not enough extra features to make it worthwhile for 3G users.

    It seems to me that Apple have only done this to 'encourage' (force) you to upgrade to the 4G phone. Not happy ! Apple, please provide a roll back feature.
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    apple'skool wrote:
    If you have an iphone 3G it will slow it down too much. The 3GS is ok

    That is not true at all, I'm running iOS4 on a 3G and it's perfectly fine, battery usage is fine, no slow downs at all.

    The 3G is absolutely capable of running the iOS4 smoothly and easily, there's some kind of installation issue that's causing it. I've had two relatives update their 3G iPhones, it went as smooth as any other update, theirs run fine as well.

    The benefit at current to saying with 3.1.3 is knowing you can use your phone, the update has the possibility of problems, but OS4 itself when it's installed correctly runs great.
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    Great article that was just posted to my email account on this from Macworld. Should fit this thread appropriately:


    What I didn't know from reading this; 3G can turn back to the life as you knew it. 3GS, once you cross, there is no going back. I'll just keep praying.
  • davidw Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I appreciate everyone's response. Among those who responded, it seems the consensus opinion is NOT to upgrade my 3G phone to iOS4.

    I was hoping to hear from those who had no problems when upgrading, but I guess those folks either (a) are not trolling the boards for 3G/iOS4 issues or (b) do not exist.

    Nevertheless, I am holding off on upgrading until I hear better news.

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    If I had known then what I know now, I would not have updated to the new iOS4. I have a 3G and I live by my calendar with having lots of recurring appts. I change appts. all the time and have Mobile Me to keep me synced. I've had no problems until I updated! I'm sooo frustrated!!! My calendar is now all screwed up. It's putting appts. back in their old spots, and NOT syncing with Mobile Me at all!!! It has really slowed my phone down LOTS!!!

    What can we do??????
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    I tried to upgrade and it bombed so I lost all my exchange server info. I am trying to install os4 ahain but it seems to be hanging at about 50% completion. Is this what you experienced - help!!