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jimmydi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
Anyone tried to open a docx. attachment in email on the new iPhone 4? Apple claims there is no problem but several attempts on different owners phones all with the same result. Works fine on a first gen phone and the 3g and 3g S phone. What gives?

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    I tried with both the stock mail app and the Gmail app and both displayed a .docx fine for me.
  • Joe Z in VA Level 2 Level 2 (435 points)
    You have to obtain a software explicit for Word 2007 documents and Excel 2007 documents for .DOCX/.XLSX or Word/Excel 97-2003 is .DOC/.XLS. Not many non-iOS4 softwares out are ready for 2007 files.

    QuickOffice and Documents to Go are two softwares that are 2007 ready. You may also need to turn off your i4 (hold sleep then red bar slide) and restart it.
    I was trying to duplicate it but the third party softwares I utilize won't let me use .DOC as an extension. It seems .DOCX is not in many third party softwares including Google Docs.
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    Sorry, not sure I understand all that. My current gen1 phone opens them without issue. I have witnessed several other owners new iphones not able to open the attachment.
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    I have had this same experience until i rebooted by holding down the home button and the on-off
    button; wait for it to put everything away, turn it on again and then reopen mail. The attachments should be there and ready to open. Turning off regularly seems to help this complex gadget work
    more efficiently and effectively and resolve a multitude of issues.