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I took my macbook to the Apple store because it wouldn't charge anymore. The charger and battery are fine. They told me it was the logic board which would cost over $300 since my warranty ran out 80 days ago. I searched for some external chargers and found some but not for this specific battery. Does anybody know if they make an external charger for the macbook white 13 inch? Device name on the battery is ASMB016.

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Final Cut Express Installed
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    If your AC adaptor is OK, then what would be the point of an external charger? A third-party charger isn't going to repair the motherboard. You can buy another AC adaptor directly from Apple's Online Store.
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    To hook up straight to the battery, not the computer.
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    OK, but I'm not sure why? I don't believe there is a charger to hook directly to the battery, but if such an animal exists you might find it be doing a Google search. Also check out newertech.com, macsales.com, and quickertek.com.