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This is a real strange one. I have two wifi networks, one at home and one at work. I have recently upgraded to the iphone 4 so I have lost my unlimited data tariff so I thought I would have a look at what data was being consumed on the phone. I have noticed that although I am connected to wifi on both networks, if I just leave the phone so the screen goes black and it goes into its lock mode, when I press the home button to use the phone, for a second or so it shows 3G as the connection and then after about a second the wireless logo appears. This is sort of giving the indication that when in sleep mode it is dropping the wifi connection until I start using the phone again and wifi kicks back in. Sure enough if I then check the cellular data usage it has increased. Sometimes just by 1 or 2 kilobytes on sent and received, sometimes 20 or 30 kilobytes or more on both sent and received. This is without receiving any e-mails or any apps in the background running. This is happening on both the home and work networks, but it seems to consume more data on the work network. The only difference between the two is that the work SSID is hidden but I have set that up manually so the iphone sees and connects to it without any problems. The problem seems to arise when the phone is not used and goes into locked/sleep mode.

iphone 4, iOS 4
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