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Iphone 4 WIFI connection problems with AirPort Extreme Base Station. The Wifi will work to connect to the internet but at slow speeds. It will take 1/2 hour to download simple progams in the app store. It won't even play utube video's. The router works fine with my Macbook pro and my Iphone 3g. This seems to be a Iphone 4 issue. I have reset the network settings a few times in the iphone4. I have also unpluged the Airport Extreme base station several times to reset it. The firmware is the latest version. I have heard that the Iphone 4 will not work on the 5GHz band and that you need to change your Airport Extreme to 2.4GHz band. I have changed every setting that I could think of in the Airport settings. The 3g connection works good. Please help.

Iphone 4, iOS 4, AirPort Extreme Base Station/ Macbook pro