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Nothing was spilled on my keyboard, but all of a sudden the left side command key seems to have something stuck inside of it, meaning that I need to push it harder in order for it to work. I tried blowing in it but that didn't help, and I don't see anything stuck inside it. How can I fix this little annoyance? Is it possible to take off that key and try cleaning underneath? I don't want to just rip it off unless I'm sure the key won't break while doing so. Thanks for any help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I think I am having the same problem here. My Delete key and sometimes the \ key are stuck. I can still use those keys, by saying they are stuck I mean that when I press on them they feel different, like something is underneath and I can't press down fully. Sometimes there's a pop sound when I press them. I don't want to try taking them off because I might break them and it would be difficult to use a computer without the Delete key.