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A real 101 question. I have connected the iPad to my laptop. iTunes on my laptop sees the iPad

I dragged the Music folder of my PC on iPad icon and I saw the syncing happening

How does one find the music that copied from my PC to iPad? In my iPad's itunes I see only the paid music from itunes store.
  • finniii Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)
    Not quite sure what you saw going on, but it wasn't syncing your music. What you need to do is open iTunes on your computer, go to the File Menu and choose "Add to library" in order to add music to your iTunes app. Only music that is in your iTunes app can sync to your iPad (or iPhone, or iPod). If you delete music from iTunes, the next time you sync your iPad it will be removed.

    If you're having trouble with this, check out the iTunes for WIndows board. : )
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    Yes, I did add folders to my Library in iTunes-PC and I do see several albums in my iTunes-PC. Assuming this step is correct

    Next, what am I missing for syncing from iTunes-PC to iPad?
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    I open up iTunes on my PC and then plug in my iPad. It then displays under devices on the left-hand side in iTunes. I then click on my iPad listed under devices. I have the option of clicking the sync button in the lower right hand side of the screen. Once I click sync, then the iPad will visually indicate that it is syncing. When it is finished syncing, the text message will be gone on your iPad and you can then use it. The items should be stored in iPod app on the iPad.
  • bgmahesh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I clicked on iPad->Music on my iTunes-PC and I do see all the music it had copied from my PC to iPad

    But when I click on iTunes on my iPad, I don't see any of those songs. I see only those songs from iTunes store which I need to buy
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    Try opening up the built in iPod application (found in the bottom right hand corner of your iPad), You should be able to find & play all of the crappy music you choose to have synced to your iPad. Hope this helps. Remember, Open up your iPod app & not the iTunes music store app