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Hey guys. I am hoping someone can help me with this. I bought the iPod classic 160GB early this year. I have not had any issues with it, up until now. It is a small annoyance, and if there is a fix for it, please share.

I have 2 PCs (one with Windows 7, the other with Windows XP), 1 Laptop (Windows 7), and an Xbox 360 that I connect my iPod to on occasion. Only 1 of the PCs is the one I sync data to the iPod with, the other ones I use just to charge it, and the Xbox I use to charge/play music off of.

Recently, everytime I connect my iPod to any one of these systems, it freezes. Or any USN port for that matter. The screen locks up, and even if I unplug it from the USB port, it stays forzen. It still makes the click sounds when I push in the click wheel, but nothing changes on the screen. I have to hold the menu and center click button to do a reboot everytime. After the Apple logo appears and it boots back up, it then shows the 'connected' screen and charges/transfers data without any issues.

This happens EVRY time I plug it into any usb port. Is there a reason for this? And what can I do to fix it?

160GB, Windows 7
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    I have this same problem. :/ Screen locks up every time I plug it in to my macbook. Works fine after a reset, but I have to reset everytime. Snow leopard, ipod OS and itunes all updated.
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    I have a similar problem. I have to make sure iTunes is shut down before I plug in the iPod. Otherwise, the iPod hangs and has to be reset. If I shut down iTunes first, the iPods mounts just fine and iTunes starts up.