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nikulr Level 1 (15 points)
So I have an iPhone 4 and want to use FaceTime with family and coworkers in another country. Every time I try, it shows that the user FaceTime Failed, whoever is not available. The issue is that they are available and on WiFi.

I have tried with two iPhone 4's in my network and they both work. I have tried in different networks, and they seem to work as well. Just when I try to do international. I have attempted 10 different iPhone 4 users international and nothing.

MacBook Pro (Aluminum), Mac OS X (10.5.7), 15in, 2.93, 7200 MacBook, iPhone 2G/3G, iPod Classic/Nano/Touch Airport Ext/2Exp
  • Glenn1961 Level 1 (10 points)
    My guess is that ATT might not want people to use it as a long distance service without charging people. I look at FaceTime like Skype in that Skype will eventually charge users to make Skype to Skype calls over the 3G network. I bet Skype is working with ATT on a billing plan for that. I'm sure ATT (and Apple) will eventually find a way to charge for this service as well. You just need to get enough people hooked on it so they rely on it so much that they can't do without it (i.e., tethering, Skype, etc) and then hit customers in the wallet.
  • iMatt.co.tv Level 1 (35 points)
    It should work.

    Any carrier when dealing with FaceTime is only there to initiate the call, and confirm that they are connecting to another iPhone 4, then the internet connection takes over to handle the video.
  • nikulr Level 1 (15 points)
    The iPhone 4 was bought in the UK, and does not make any difference on who the provider is. You don't even need to make a call to get FaceTime. This is what makes this weird.
  • Jona Bechtolt Level 1 (5 points)
    I'm having similar trouble. My friend and I are traveling across Europe and we can't even FaceTime each other while in the same room, on the same wifi network. At first I thought it could be router issues, so we used a fast connection on an AirPort Extreme to no avail.

    Any ideas? We have our phones in Airplane Mode with wifi turned on, but turning Airplane Mode off doesn't help either. We get one FaceTime ring, then two beeps and "FaceTime Failed..."

    As far as I've read we don't need a carrier to initiate FaceTime, so AT&T, etc., shouldn't have anything to do with this. Wifi should be just fine. I read somewhere that your first FaceTime call needed to be initiated over cellular, but we've both had success with FaceTime in the US, just not in Europe.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Jona Bechtolt Level 1 (5 points)

    I got FaceTime to work after switching OFF Airplane Mode and waiting for a carrier to show up. Then, viola! It just worked. This shouldn't be the case though, it should work fine in Airplane Mode. I'm filing this as a bug.
  • madmanuk2 Level 1 (10 points)
    The call is initially created through the telephone network, and then transferred to wifi.

    It will not work without the 3g portion, and therefore not with airplane mode.

    The telephone call is required to find the other phone's IP address.
  • iZian Level 1 (70 points)
    nikulr wrote:
    The iPhone 4 was bought in the UK, and does not make any difference on who the provider is. You don't even need to make a call to get FaceTime. This is what makes this weird.


    You sir, are wrong. An initial call is necessary to establish the necessary information to connect the facetime call. If there is a problem with the international call; it will fail.

    How do you suppose that your phone magically knows the IP address of someone else's phone?
  • James Allen Jones Level 3 (585 points)
    While the initial FaceTime call between two iPhone 4s may require cellular initiation, subsequent FaceTime calls between those two iPhone 4s do not provided they have not changed their network settings (i.e. IP address)
  • bryce_dixon Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, after an initial phone call to my son's iPhone which was continued after a switch to FaceTime, we were later able to directly connect via FaceTime over wifi when he was in a remote location that had no mobile phone service, but which had an Airport network originating from a satellite internet connection.

    Has anyone been able to connect internationally via FaceTime between two US activated iPhones that have already established that initial FaceTime chat between them in the US? That is, when my son goes to France, will we be able to initiate FaceTime without an associated phone call?
  • cilecner Level 1 (0 points)
    well, I live in mexico city and today i was chatting with my cousin in toronto using face time, we didn't know if we were being charged for the international cal so we both turned "airplane mode" on and just left the wireless connection up and we were able to use face time internationally, so yes, face time works internationally without the cellular network
  • Oso Grande Level 1 (105 points)
    You guys do realize you can make a FT call without using the phone, right? You don't even need cellular signal to make a FT call either.

    If the person is in your Contact list, scroll down to the bottom of their entry and click "FaceTime" to initiate the call.
  • Mstrelecki Level 1 (0 points)

    iPhone: Wireless carrier support and features Is a great article regarding which Carrier's support FaceTime calls even Internationally.  You and the person you're calling must have the most up to date software on their device and they will need a supported carrier on their iPhone.  Some countries do not allow FaceTime at all.