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Ok I just got my iPhone 4 (16GB locked to at&t), i just cant believe how slick and perfectly designed this thin little device is, and the quality of the screen is as they say it, it smokes my 3GS out of the water!

So after I activated it and shut it off and on the screen now looks like rainbow colors..

It has mostly red and green and blue all over it.. But it worked perfectly fine before when I activated it..

I took a screenshot to see if you could see it but it just looks normal when you see it on your computer.. Whats wrong with it?

I live like 2 hourd away from the nearest apple store, what the **** do I do???

BTW: If you have ever taken a HUGE magnet and placed it on or beside a tv for a while, thats what it looks like. The colors on the screen are all messed up and deformed or something.

G5, Mac OS X (10.6.4), NONE . lol :P