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I have tried EVERYTHING. Except going over to the apple store. The phone rings just fine. But the sound on the apps wont work. And the sound wont work when I try to listen to my music. Hass anyone else had this problem???

iPhone 4
  • w7ox Level 4 (2,385 points)
    Can you make calls -- is the phone function working?

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    Yep, The phone works great! I can make and receive calls. The ringtones play fine when someone calls me. My apps and itunes music wont play out of the speakers at all
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    I also keep getting this weird error message, it says:

    This accessory is not optimized for this iphone

    You may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decrease in cellular signal strength.....
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    I'm assuming you get audio from earphones when playing music?

    Given the message and the lack of audio, try plugging and unplugging the power cable 20 times or so; ditto the earphones.

    It could be that there is some debris in one of the connectors, or that a connector is defective. It may need a trip to Apple, alas.

    There have been threads on this message:

    "This accessory is not optimized for this iphone

    You may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decrease in cellular signal strength"

    You might want to search for and read them.

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    Hey AshRobi05, is your phone still having these problems? Because my phone is doing this EXACT same thing. I can't hear anything but like ringtones and that's about it. I can only listen to music with my headphones and that message always randomly pops up and says "this accessory is not optimized for this iPhone, you may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decreasein cellular signal strength." and I have no idea what to do or how to fix it.. So can you or anybody please help?


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    Hi so I have an IPhone 4S and it is doing something similar it won't play music or app sounds but rings fine, and only plays text tone sometimes and random button clicks. I took it to the apple store and the guy took it in the back said it has water damage and that I should do a hard reset. I know it doesn't have water damage as it is only 4

    Months old and its been clean and dry.. Another friend said it was because I hooked it to a sound system that was not a ihome so it's a software defect and thinks its still docked.. Either way I wiped it and for 30 seconds after the reset it played music then stopped again. Music works with headphones.. But this is awful! Apple won't do anything they want me to buy a new phone. Anyone who can offer help- please do!

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    Hi Marlie27


    I have same problem!


    Do you have a little red tab in your dock?


    I do - and it indicates water damage!


    I have not gone to an Apple store yet but I am expecting to hear the same thing - Water damage but you can have a new phone for like £126.00


    I feel this is terrible. Is this just a gimmick to generate more sales??


    My phone has NEVER got wet or been used in the rain!


    So whats the answer??

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    Yes, there is the little orange/red tag, but I have NEVER gotten it wet either. I take it from home, shoulder bag, work top, and back again. I havn't used it at the gym or anything and it is less than 6 months old. But i need a functional phone. I am going to go back to the apple store and see what they say, but this can't be water damage because it does ring SOMETIMES and it plays text tone and lock sounds sometimes...just never music or app sounds unless i have my headphones in. to me, that has to be a software issue! I hope that apple is reasonable, the last guy that told me to do a hard reset was not very nice and basically said I was going to have to pay full price for a new one. I hope thats not true!