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I used to happily manage my iCal calender by entering events on either the iPhone OR the desktop. Both would sync perfectly. I got the iPad and as far as I can remember, all 3 sync'd perfectly. Until I got that OSX bug whereby iTunes stopped recognising the iPhone & required me to reload OSX Snow Leopard to get the patch fix (I am sure many of you know that one..). When I finally got the iPhone to show up in iTunes and re-sync, iCal stopping syncing properly. IE, If I entered events on the desktop, it syncs fine with the iPhone/iPad, BUT if I enter events in either the iPhone or the iPad, they don’t sync to the desktop - BUT, and here's the wierd bit, they do sync to each other.. So, my iPhone and iPad are perfectly sync'd but the desktop they are paired to, is not showing up any new events, unless they were entered on the Mac desktop….Now, I have tried to reset the iPhone, etc, but nothing works.. If I update events on the iPhone, all is well on my devices, but the desktop does not show the updates.. How can this be? Do I need to clear a cache somewhere? What do I need to do to get the desktop, iPhone and iPad all sync'd correctly? Final note, my wife uses Entourage, BUT I do not. I only use iCal.

Mac pro G5, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    It is a problem I am also experiencing, and I think many others. I've posted on around ten threads on the isssue.
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    thank you - at least i am not going mad!
    If you find any solutions / information please post.
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    What about syncing photos on your iphone to your ipad? One file has appeared on the ipad but I can't get the rest of the files synced. Any advice?
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    This is happening to me as well. It has something to do with the Exchange webmail server not updating the desktop Entourage clients...although I think it's happening on the PC side as well. If I have someone send me an invite and I accept it on the Mac in Entourage, everything is fine...syncs to my iPad. If I accept the invite on my IPad, it seems to update the Exchange server (I know this as if I go to the corporate webmail, all is good), but it does not write back to the desktop Entourage...Apple, this is very tough as it's extremely important for my schedules to be in sync...at this time I have to accept only from the desktop...
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    Try this (from <http://chimac.net/2010/05/16/is-your-ical-not-syncing-to-iphone-or-colors-are- funky/>)

    1. As a first step, I suggest resetting the sync history on your Mac. This is done via iSync preferences with the iSync application located in your Applications folder.
    2. After selecting reset sync history with iSync preferences, restart your Mac and try again. Disconnect your iPhone and quit iTunes.
    3. At the iCal menu bar, go to File and select Back up iCal.
    4. Save the backup on your Desktop.
    5. Delete all calendars from iCal so that is it empty. (You must have at least one calendar remaining…just create a new blank calendar)
    6. At the iCal menu bar, go to File and select Restore iCal – selecting the backup file placed on your Desktop.
    7. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone.
    8. Check if this resolves the problem.