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Can someone tell me why the photos come out sideways (not viewing on the iphone, but rather on a pc), when you snap a pic holding your phone 'upright'?
*Note that I do know you can rotate the pic in a photo editor

HP, Windows XP, iPhone 4
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    I am having the same problem, with photos emailed from iOS4 being mis-oriented after I email them.

    Very frustrating because this is a new issue with iOS4, the old OS did not have this problem...
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    Here is a video detailing the issue:

  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Yes that is the exact problem. The you tube video explains it perfectly. Thanks.
    My 3G under 3.0 software never did this. Hopefully there will be a fix.
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    Have you also noticed that photos are now sent as attachments in emails as opposed to being embedded in the actual email?

    Compounding this error, any words written below the photo will be sent as a text file attachment...
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    Strange. I'm actually on the phone with Apple now about this issue. I'll post back once I'm done the call
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    Well, the apple rep wasn't sure what do with this so it's is logged and noted as a possible issue. We will see what happens. Hopefully others begin to see the problem as well
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    Here is the response from Apple to me regarding this issue:

    "I have received word from the Engineers. So, the Engineers they have reviewed all the documentation and the emails and video you sent me and determined that the EXIF data on them (the pictures) is correct. The issue they feel, is not with the photos but rather the viewers of the photos the customer is using. No, they are not meaning you or the friends that are viewing the photos so don't be offended, I know how that sounds. What they are referring to when they say the EXIF data is the data attached to photos that includes information like the orientation, size, origin, camera maker, etc.. Since I am not familiar with 'viewers' or what the viewer is on an iphone I have sent a reply asking for more clarification on this and will contact you as soon as I have more. I apologize I do not know more at this time but I am still working on it. Please hang in there while I attempt to get more information."
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    I started a thread in the iphone 4 section due to more people viewing that area.
    Here is the link.
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    I've been emailing photos from my iphones (my 3GS is my third iphone) for years and have never had a problem until I upgraded to iOS4. The recipients see the photos up-side-down or sideways. I'm left-handed so I need to hold the phone with home key to the left when shooting in landscape which I have always done... that seems to be a problem. Is there going to be a fix for this?
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    I do hope that more people chime in on this issue, and Apple realizes it's a problem. Then maybe a fix will be issued.
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    The 4.0.1 upgrade did not fix this problem...
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    I'm surprised they didn't tell you that you were holding your computer or iPhone wrong!