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I have a second generation Iphone 3G. I also have a Ford vehicle with Microsoft Sync. I up to a couple weeks ago had the option of saying phone, call so and so and after I recently upgraded to the os 4 update on it. I have gotten it to the phone option but it says no entries in phone book. But I do have it full of names and still can call if I say the number but there seems to be some bug that doesnt recognize it. I did call apple care I am only 1 year in to my two year contract and have tried everything in regards to it but apple said they have no knowledge of the problem and I updated my car computer through an update on sync my ride. com. I was wondering if anyone else knows of the problem and or a fix. Thanks for your time.

Microsoft Sync with OS 4 Iphone 3, iOS 4
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    I just figured it out I had to re pair my phone to the car as a new device.
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    I am having the same problem with my iPhone 3GS and I tried deleting the device and adding it again and the problem is not fixed, is this what you did?

    Thank you.
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    I have the same issue has anyone been able to resolve this? 3gs with OS4 and sync will not download phonebook.
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    I resolved this issue with some help from Ford. They have a special dept that deals with sync. They are aware of the problem. Your version of Microsoft Sync needs to be updated to 1.3. You must go to syncmyride.com and create an account(you will need the vin # of your car). Then you will need a memory stick to download 1.3. Take it to your car and install. Then your phonebook will download. You can call Ford at 800-521-4140. They will walk you through the process. Very helpful. I am a little disappointed with Apple they should be more aware that there is a problem(however they gave me the # of Ford).
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    I got the iPhone 4 to work. If your Sync software is older than version 1.3 then this may work.

    Here is what I did.

    1. Put your iPhone 4 "ON" Airplane Mode. (Settings - Airplane Mode - set to ON)

    2. Deleted all Bluetooth devices from the Sync Menu.

    3. Get a blank or empty thumb drive and get the Sync software update version 1.3 download from syncmyride.com on the thumb drive.

    4. Plug it into your USB port and start your car.

    5. Find the section in your Sync Menu to Install Applications and tell it YES to install.

    6. DO NOT shut the car off or remove the thumb drive until it finishes speaking to you the second time. (could take 20 min., but mine was done in 8)

    7. Once it is done talking the second time, shut the car off, and open one of your doors.

    8. Remove the thumb drive and then restart your car.

    9. Turn your iPhone 4 "OFF" Airplane Mode. (Settings - Airplane Mode - set to OFF)

    10. Make sure your Bluetooth is ON your phone as well and use the Sync Menu to add a new phone.

    11. Follow the instructions to add the phone and download the phonebook into your Sync.

    12. When you are all done in the car, you need to put the thumb drive back in your computer, and finish the last step on syncmyride.com to update your version.

    That did it! If you have trouble you can call Sync and they can help you complete the process.

    I hope this helps!
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    Is Microsoft Sync version 3.1 the latest? Because that is what I have and I don't see any other available updates on the Sync website. I just bought the iPhone 4 this past Sunday and the USB port in my 2010 Ford Escape doesn't even acknowledge when the phone is plugged in. Nothing happens.