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Can anyone explain to me why nano gets crossfade and iphone/ipod does not despite ios4? Is it a marketing tactic or technical? I really envy the nano owners.

iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    I haven't found a way to crossfade on any of my iPhones without jailbreaking. Now with iPhone 4, the feature is still curiously absent and it ****** me off. Not even an application in the app store can come close to providing crossfade playback. When playing my music at parties and other gatherings, I think it's essential to have that seamless transition in between songs. Why in the **** does a nano have it but not any generation of iphone or even my ipad?! I've been reluctant to purchase a nano for the past three years in hopes that future software or hardware updates would resolve this but, I think I'm fighting a losing war.
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    Media Mix app, just out, crossfades between songs in playlists and between playlists. Worked after 3 re-installs. For me certainly worth the small $. iPhone 4 / iOS4 only.
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    what is wrong with apple??