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    Same problem for me. When I connect my Ipod, it freezes the whole Itunes program. I can't restore it, or do anything with Itunes while my Ipod is connected. To make matters worse, when I COULD do something, and my error was "ipod cannot be synced, required folder cannot be found", I synced some videos and they erased everything else from the ipod. Now, with only 5 videos and no music, and no clear way to do anything to add songs, my error is ipod cannot be synced, required file cannot be found".

    Annnd as if it weren't enough, Apple is seeking around $170 if I wish to send in the ipod for repairs. Is this another horrible example of a company profitting off of known errors in its programs and products while neglecting to do anything about it? Cause it certainly feels like it to me, having scoured the forums on similar issues.
  • Frustomerlol Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Is there anyone out there with a solution?
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    this is happening to me too =[[
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    This is absolute garbage! The only way I can speak to an apple employee directly about the issue is if I pay for an apple phone call?!?! How rediculous! If there's anyone apple associated here that can help for free, please do!
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    I'm not exactly sure how i actually fixed my problem as i was so frustrated and trying so many things at the one time it's hard to know which specific one worked, or even if it was a combination of everything.

    My first attempt at resolving the problem was to follow apple's advise of completing all the R's i.e. reset, restore blah, blah, blah. After all this didn't work i formatted my ipod to erase all the data off it. I done this by finding the ipod icon in my computer, right clicking on it and selecting format. Once formatted i then tried to sync my ipod but still itunes would freeze. I repeated this process several times, restoring the software on my ipod through itunes each time... still no luck!

    I then looked through the forums to find out how to do a diagnostic test on my ipod's hard drive. You can find out how to do this with a google search. The results showed that i had no problems with my hard drive.

    At this stage i was at my wits end and resigned to the idea of just buying a new ipod. I found people on the forums talking about putting ipod's into disk mode. I done a google search to find out how to do this and set about syncing my ipod in disk mode. For some reason the ipod successfully synced this way and since has been able to sync normally without causing itunes to freeze.

    It is important to note that at no stage did i ever have any error messages on my ipod or computer screen. My only problem was that itunes would stop responding while syncing. It is possible that my problem may have been different to some of the others mentioned here!

    Hope this helps!!
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    Thanks!! Yeah, I actually ended up doing the same thing... I heard about people trying to put it into disk mode, so I did that and I was able to plug in my ipod without it freezing itunes and am currently waiting to see if it will sync properly :-/ I'm still thinking it may be less of a headache to just scrap the ipod and buy something not apple, lol. Best of luck to everyone!
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    There is a similar thread for a temp fix that an apple store rep and I worked on for two days

    I have a file for the correct Itunes BACKWARDS version should you want it.

    You will have to start over from scratch with playlists and a new itunes folder
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    Anyone find a solution?
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    Is the only way to "fix" this problem by going back to an earlier version of I-tunes? Also, if you do go back, will you have trouble playing tracks extracted from a newer version of I-tunes? Finally, what I-tunes version should you use??

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    My "Newly Updated" iTunes also freezes. At first I was having the problem to where my windows was not registering my iPhone and iPod, after a few hours I was tp updated my computers software as well as programs for the iPod. My computer does regitser both item now, the only thing is, iTunes always frezzes when I start up the program, so I have no clue if iTunes knows I have them plugged in.
    I left my iPod plugged in for about an hour only to see a Error that said the folder for my iPod could not be found. I found it where it should have been.
    I have 80G classic iPod

    All this money this company makes, you would think they would have all the bugs fixed before releasing items.
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    Ok friend, I also have a classic (80 gb) and had the same the problem until a few days ago. This is what I did exactly to get all my songs synced back onto my ipod.

    1. Tried to revert back to a previous upgrade and thought I had it but would not sync due to the newer version update.

    2. Went back into I-tunes and all my music/folder were gone as if it was my first time on there.

    3. Next, which is the time consuming part, I uploaded approx. 1200-1500 songs at a time from my music folder stored on another drive. There were songs that froze my ipod. Just click the box not upload and then come back to it once all your songs have been synced.

    4. I had over 8800 songs, so it took me awhile. After that, went back in, updated my playlist and now I'm not doing anything until apple has corrected this problem.

    5. Also be-aware that the chance of opening up i-tunes after doing this, your music maybe lost as it was with me several times before getting everything back.

    Hope this helps.

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    iTunes 9 (and 10) have faulty issues with iPods now. I do not know why this is happening, honestly, but I have found out how to make mine work perferctly... the only problem is that my album art is corrupt and I'm not trying to fix it cuz it might eff up again. Some songs have the wrong album art and it's quite annoying!

    Here is a thread to concentrate on. More people need to be aware:

    PLEASE, READ THROUGH THE WHOLE THING FIRST. IF IT'S WORTH IT TO YOU, THEN YOU WILL. Be wary of downgrading iTunes and reformatting iPods. 160GB iPods cannot sync with iTunes Versions less than 9 (maybe some other iPods too). Check yer iPod's compatibility. try to find my posts or wlamar91's posts or mooksmom's posts (near the beginning of the provided thread you can find the other two users'). As of today, mine were on page 48.

    i hope yall find some good help. Apple isn't doing anything about it lol. Goodluck.
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